Preparing for Holiday Emergencies

When you’re planning a holiday, you definitely hope nothing will go wrong – right? But what do you do if it does? Be prepared for a host of holiday emergencies so you can act appropriately when and if they occur.

First things first – should a situation occur that requires the aid of emergency services, you’ll need to know precisely how to contact them. Familiarise yourself with the emergency phone numbers for the country or area you’ll be visiting, and be sure you know where to find the nearest hospital. Try and maintain a low-level awareness of where the nearest phones are and, if you’re travelling to a country where you don’t speak the prevalent language, learn enough to say the words “emergency,” “police,” “ambulance,” and “fire department.” You’ll be able to communicate your needs adequately and enlist the help of nearby passers-by.

A small first-aid kit is a good idea in terms of helping with minor injuries or illnesses, but don’t expect too much from it; some plasters and painkillers, as well as antiseptic wipes and a kit for coping with stings or bites will suffice in most situations. If you plan a holiday that bears a fair amount of risk, ensure that you follow safety guidelines for the activity and the area, and consult experts in the field to find out what your emergency kit should contain.

Another possible emergency is loss of money through theft or other events. Leave an envelope with a loved-one addressed to you and stamped appropriately for the fastest possible delivery. Inside, slip a birthday card with some traveller’s cheques so that someone you know can post it to you as quickly as possible should you need additional funds. This protects you in the unlikely event that every scrap of money you have should be lost somehow. Alternatively, travel credit cards available from the post office and a host of other financial institutions are protected, offering a quick replacement service in the event of loss, but will not protect your cash funds.

Travel insurance can protect against a host of possible problems, but be sure you know what your policy does and doesn’t cover. You don’t want to go on your trip with certain expectations, only to find they do not adhere to the truth.

Emergencies can occur, no matter what country you journey to. Protect yourself accordingly and you’ll be sure to have a wonderful holiday no matter what befalls you.

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