Preparing for a Romantic Weekend Away

So you’ve chosen the city that most appeals to you and your partner for a romantic getaway, and booked a hotel and a flight. It’s time to get everything ready for your perfect romantic weekend or holiday, and prepare yourself to maximise the romance and minimise the stress.

Minimising stress is an important factor, as stressed-out people tend to get snappish with each other and can really

exacerbate any lingering issues in their relationship from the more serious, to something as mundane as who did the dishes or let the dog out. If you can, spend the evening before you leave taking a lush hot bath together in a candlelit bathroom. Rent a film you’ve been meaning to see and have a nice meal together. Anything to chill out properly and completely so that you can get ready for a lovely holiday together.

Have passports, tickets and luggage ready the day before you leave so that you only need to grab your kit and head off. Scampering around looking for things you forgot to prepare is a bad plan, as it will elevate those stress levels again! Also have a plan for a meal.

Even if your plane ride comes with a complimentary breakfast, you’re still going to want to make sure you have a sandwich or something similar before you set off or as you drive to the airport. Low blood sugar is a notorious cause of grumpiness, so you really need to be sure you and your partner have each had a small but nutritious snack. Again, have this packed up and ready or have a set plan for where you’ll buy it. Check-in and security clearance can take a long time, and a delayed flight can further push back that in-flight meal, so don’t count on it to keep your mood up!

Surprises are the height of romance. You can pack a prettily wrapped gift you know your partner will appreciate. Why not buy a Kindle and pre-load it with a number of books they’ve been intending to read? A piece of jewellery could be perfect, too. Another way to look at surprises is by pre-booking an experience. A Broadway show? A trip to the opera? A concert by a favourite band that happens to be well-timed? Or perhaps a spa day near your hotel? Wrap it carefully in a pretty envelope and you could be presenting your partner with a lovely and thoughtful surprise that will make your weekend.

Don’t be tempted to book separate events – the aim of the trip is to spend time together, not apart. Discovering new things together is a good idea, but try to pick something both you and your partner are interested in trying; it’s unlikely that your cage-wrestler boyfriend will want to learn about flower arrangement, or that your flower-arranging girlfriend is overly keen on cage-wrestling!

If you spend even a little bit of time organising your affairs before you head off on a romantic trip for two, you can ensure you and your partner enjoy your holiday as much as possible, allowing you to reconnect and enjoy a bit of romance and intimacy.

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