Preparing for a Camping Trip

Camping is one of the most hardcore holiday methods available, especially with the unpredictable British weather. Putting yourself at the mercy of the elements can seem like an impossible proposition, but if you prepare adequately you could find that a camping holiday is one of the most exciting ways to spend a trip, whether you stay here or decide to go abroad.

Be aware that suntan lotion is very important during a camping trip. You tend to spend a huge percentage of your time outside when camping, which means protection from the sun is even more important than it usually is. A high-factor sunscreen (SPF30 or above) is a good idea, and for kids SPF50 is recommended as a minimum. Re-apply on a regular basis to ensure you retain excellent coverage; you don’t want to risk a sunburn when sleeping on an air mattress!

Sleeping bags are the ideal camping solution for sleeping. If you plan to go somewhere where scorpions, snakes and spiders are an issue, remember to shake out your sleeping bag before you get in every night. It can help you avoid unnecessary bites and stings. A first-aid kit equipped to deal with stingers and bites is essential if you plan to travel to such areas, but even if you stay in the UK you need a first-aid kit that’s comprehensively kitted out and allows you to cope with the most common injuries and illnesses. Don’t forget the Calpol if you’re taking children!

A couple of extra blankets won’t go amiss. Even if it’s always too warm for you to need them, you’ll be able to use them to create a bit of shade for over-heated travellers by draping them over some trees or an impromptu washing line. Remember that this will not protect you from the sun entirely and don’t stop re-applying the sunscreen!

Speaking of washing, it’s a good idea to bring a pack of washing line so you can string some between trees or poles to hang laundry to dry. Some pegs are a good idea, too, and you can buy travel-sized tubes of washing gel specifically designed for trips out, which will take up little space in your packing.

Plastic plates, cups and cutlery are an excellent plan as you will be less likely to break anything, and losing something won’t be as big of an issue as when you take your own crockery and cutlery from home. Bring a plastic basin and some washing-up liquid. Add a sponge and you’ll be able to do the dishes every day and keep your dishes nice and clean!

Finally, if keeping in touch with the world is important to you, make sure you get a phone charger you can plug into the car’s power outlet. This will allow you to charge your phone in the car, without any concern that you’ll run out of power.

If you prepare well, you can make camping into an astonishing adventure that will know no parallel. Have fun!

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