Preparing for a Business Trip

Business trips are a necessary evil – or a much longed-for break from domestic life. However you view them, they require some preparation to ensure you make the most of your business encounters during your trip. This allows you to make business connections where you can and to maximise the return from any meetings you’ve got scheduled or happen into during your trip.

It’s tempting to pack simply as many clothes as you’ll need. It’s a bad idea, however; what if you spill something on your shirt? What if you get stuck in a rainstorm and your suit is soaked and wrinkled? You simply need a backup plan. Multiply the minimum number of outfits you’ll need by one and a half – for example, if you have two business meetings, take three full suits. Some extra underwear is always a good idea, just in case, and pack plenty of clean socks; both can get very sweaty during the course of travelling and you won’t want to smell of sweat or feel uncomfortable.

A couple of casual outfits won’t hurt. It’s tempting to stay ‘on’ as a businessperson during a business trip, but relaxing and letting your hair down every now and again will actually enhance your ability to perform in peak condition. You might get invited out for a night on the town, and having something slightly more casual to wear will help you relax. While this may seem like a bad idea on the face of it, relaxation will help you to perform much better and may help grease the wheels in terms of developing business contacts.

Be careful not to drink to excess; it is never a good idea to get too drunk in front of business contacts as you are likely to

behave in a very unprofessional manner. Drink enough to be polite, but be prepared to turn down a few glasses of wine or Scotch in favour of a non-alcoholic drink.

Speaking of drinking; intersperse the alcohol you do drink with pints of water. They will help you metabolise the alcohol which means you won’t get as drunk as fast. The hydration also prevents hangovers from developing, which bodes well for either morning business events or travel back home.

Business trips can be a lot of fun, but being prepared will help you enhance your chances of great business success and personal enjoyment. Make the most of the trips and enjoy yourself – but avoid excess! You’ll find it helps you achieve all your dreams, business-related and otherwise.

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