Preparing Children for Travel

Travelling with children can be an immensely rewarding experience, and there are plenty of tips available for travelling with them. But preparing them for travel is important too, both in terms of allowing them to experience the journey in a stress-free fashion and in terms of helping them get the most out of their holiday. Here are some tips to help prepare your child for a holiday!

It’s important to start discussing the journey with your child beforehand. Wait until about a month before you go and then spend some time talking about it on a weekly basis. If you start much earlier your child will be unable to take in the time it will take before you go on holiday, but leaving it much shorter will not allow him or her sufficient time to prepare mentally and emotionally.

Buy a notepad for your child as well as some markers, scissors and glue. A good way to discuss the holiday with your child is by explaining the itinerary, and allowing them to draw it out in their notebook will not only help them grasp the idea but also provide them with a loose plan for the actual holiday which they can refer to when you actually leave. This gives them a sense of control many children need to feel comfortable with change and difference in their daily routine.

Teaching him or her about your destination or destinations is another way to help them to prepare. Look up information and pictures online and stick them in the notebook as well. During the holidays, this notebook can serve as a diary and scrapbook, allowing your child to build an invaluable book of memories about your holiday. Don’t forget to print off some of your holiday snapshots to stick down, too!

Shopping for the holiday can help to make it real and bring the reality of the impending holiday home to your child. Special holiday clothes can make everything a bit more exciting and will allow your child to be happy to leave. Get them a suitcase as well as a rucksack for toys, and help them to pack appropriately. This gets them involved and gives them that much-needed sense of control. Don’t forget to pack the notebook!

Having a happy family holiday depends on managing your children’s enjoyment of it. By preparing ahead of time, you can ensure they have a wonderful time along with you, and build memories to last forever!

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