Prada collaboration with Damien Hirst produces creepy Entomology bags

Those of you who are afraid of spiders and bugs look away now. Those of you who fancy the idea of carrying around real insects in the form of a new handbag, read on. For the latest collaboration between Italian design house Prada, and Brit shock artist Damien Hirst has been revealed, and it’s not for the faint hearted.


Dubbed the Entomology bags, the handbags contain actual real insects, which have been embellished with various crystals and jewels, all situated within a plexiglass shell.

The insects, which, according to a press release from Prada, feature the Nephile pilipes (a huge golden orb-web spider), the Prosopocoilus occipitalis ( a yellow coloured beetle), and the Eupholus cuvieri (a vile green coloured beetle).


The bags have featured in new shops, created by Hirst and Prada, called the Pharmacy Juice Bar and the Prada Oasis, but if you were thinking of popping in and buying one of these fantastic bags, I have two lots of bad news, both are located in the desert north of Doha, Qatar, and the limited collection of only 20 bags have already sold out, as part of a charity auction in support of ROTA.

Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy Juice Bar opened on Thursday 10th, and is in the desert, rising out of the sand, much like a mirage on a hot and dusty day, on the northern side of Doha. The bar is said to be Hirst’s version of an Arab style Pharmacy Restaurant project, which was designed by the artist in London, back in 1998.

Prada-Oasis-and-Damien-Hirst-Pharmacy-Juice-bar_1As for Prada Oasis, the shop is designed to perfectly compliment its Arab settings, and was constructed within a traditional bayat shaar.

But back to the bags, which with a run of only 20, begs the question, for such a huge amount of time and effort and input from both sides, why only create 20 bags?

Perhaps the thought process was to design a work of art that only a select few would be able to access, but whereas in the past Prada has suffered from concentrating more on the shape of their clothes and not the print or the pattern, their collection for Spring/Summer 2014 was a revelation.

With bright prime colours, huge cartoon faces, prints of bras on coats and jackets, with crystal embellishments on their footless socks, we loved their latest range, it was truly back to the original Prada premise of bold, innovative and genius.

So that’s why we are disappointed with this limited edition, not because we don’t like the bags, but because we love them. The signature boxy Prada shape, the textures of plexiglass combined with Hirst’s desire to shock, this is a true symbiotic meeting of minds.

Just a shame we all can’t benefit from this amazing collaboration.

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