Power cut? Bring out the candles!

Decorative candles

Decorative candles

Candles and candle stands are the perfect accessories for your home décor. Candles help provide warmth in the atmosphere by being simple yet elegant. To hold the candles, beautiful candle stands are available in the market. The candles, candle stands and candelabras are available in different sizes and shapes. Candles can be used whether you are hosting an event, celebration time, or simply having a romantic dinner for two. So there is lot of variety available for you to find the appropriate ones according to the situation. Well, most of the time the situation is power cut with no electricity at home! So here is an effective way to brighten up your house with the candles at times of power cut. The candlelit atmosphere brings a lot of warmth and romance to the dark ambience indeed!



The material used in making candles is paraffin, stearin, gel, plant waxes, beeswax, tallow etc. The candles available now-a-days come in different styles, shapes and sizes. You also get the simple ones to the more decorative and intricately designed ones in a plethora of shapes. The candle stands are also available in different styles and sizes. They are generally made up of wood, metal, bamboo, crystal, silver, brass, glass etc. The variety of candles stands ranges from the simple ones to those that are ornately carved and designed.

Whether kept in a corner of the room or on the side table or even hanged and mounted on the wall, the candle stands with the decorative candles create an effective appearance to the room giving an elegant and artful representation. The candle stands and the candelabras give a lot of exotic charm to a simple room. The most commonly found candles in the market are the scented candles, aromatherapy candles, pillar candles, floating candles, gel candles, jar candles, oil candles, wax candles, votive candles, taper candles, soy candles etc. to name a few. With this wide spectrum of candles to choose from, you can create your home into a paradise of your dreams, full of evocative fragrances and beautiful and decorative items all around yourself! The scented candles are strongly scented with your favorite aromas. You have a variety of fragrances to choose from such as the smell or roses, carnations, fresh brewed coffee, strawberry etc. to name a few.

The conventional range of scented candles is made with highly refined paraffin wax blended with beeswax to ensure strong scent and longer burning time. The scented candles are usually triple scented to create a longer aroma. The unscented floating candles are one of the best burning and floating candles. They are available in a variety of colors to suit most situations. They are highly popular for weddings and special events. All you need to do is purchase a large glass or crystal bowl and fill it with water. Then place the floating candles in it along with some rose petals. You can also mix and match different sizes and colors for a romantic ambience!

The soy candles are made up of pure and natural soy wax. They have longer burning time than most other candles and are also known to have a stronger scent throw. Generally, they are no harmful chemicals or additives added to the scented candles and hence they are completely safe to be used on a regular basis. The pillar candles are the tall candles that can be placed effectively on a side table or a corner of the room. The candles are available as the thick ones to even the tapering ones. The gel candles are widely used as a decorative item more than giving light or fragrance to your house. The jar candles are usually poured into a glass or a jar. They are available in differently colored jars to give a huge range of variety. The jars are also available as simple ones to the more decorative ones.

When you are planning a warm romantic dinner at your place for an anniversary occasion or a silent birthday bash for your partner, candles is the trick to go with! Even an unplanned dinner with a sudden power shut down can add some romance to the boring and dull atmosphere with the candles! The different types or candles, candelabras and candle stands give you a lot of variety to choose from and create a completely warm, exotic and romantic aura to your house!

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