Pour La Victoire names Cameron Diaz as Artistic Director

Cameron Diaz: Photo by Steve Eichner

Cameron Diaz: Photo by Steve Eichner

The high-end fashion label Pour La Victoire has named the famous American actress Cameron Diaz as their new Artistic Director. The brand, which specialises in handbags and footwear, announced today that the popular actress will take an influential design role for the New York based label.

Diaz, who does not have a background in fashion, and has not previously had any design experience before, spoke in an exclusive interview with WWD, saying: “I don’t do endorsements really. This is completely different. Being influential in a brand and in its [advertising] campaigns interests me. I love fashion. It’s a large part of my life. What I wear is looked at. It influences what other people wear because that’s just the world we live in.”

Diaz already owns a stake in PLV Studio Inc., parent company of PLV, and it is this interest that is thought to spur her desire to design, and have control over what she puts out to the public.

She said: “Pour La Victoire gives me the opportunity to create something timeless. There’s a lot I have to learn about the business. I’m interested in learning how collections are created. The word ‘fun,’ I want to say that it’s going to be fun, but it’s deeper than that.” And not only will she be the creative force behind her designs, thought to be called ‘Cameron’s Picks’, but she will also front the media campaign that accompanies them.

It appears that this collaboration is really a match made in heaven, as Diaz loves her shoes and handbags, as do most women: “I live in heels 10 hours of the day. I know comfort in shoes. There are some shoes you would die to wear but they are painful. When I was younger, it was a fight to the death with my shoes and who was going to win. I want to have really great, functional shoes that are staples of the line.”

Cameron Diaz: Photo by Steve Eichner

Cameron Diaz: Photo by Steve Eichner

But she is not going to create bags that are unusable or unaffordable: “If you’re spending $500 on a bag, it should be your partner in life,” she said. “That’s what a bag is for women. It holds everything important in your life as long as you’re carrying it. We want the brand to be accessible for that working girl,” she said. “I work hard for my money. I want it [the collection] to be sensible, whether you have a lot of money or you are scraping together pennies.”

And PLV chief executive officer Chris Nakatani thinks that Diaz is an ideal artistic director for the brand: “She will engage her friends and associates to wear the product. That will be positive. Our target customer is 35 years old, she’s affluent, she’s polished casual,” he said. “Cameron is very accessible, very down-to-earth. She earns a lot of money but she likes to know what she’s spending it on.”

It is thought that if the range of footwear and handbags prove to be successful, Diaz may start to include other items in her repertoire, such as jewelry and sunglasses. And judging by the likeability of the actress, with her ‘girl-next-door’ outlook on life, we think this collaboration certainly will be a success for her.

As she says herself: “I just end up where I hope to be. I’m sort of focusing on what’s in front of me. It keeps me sane. I don’t worry about the future. It would really be stressful if I were trying to get myself where I need to be. It’s worked for me so far.”

The new collection by Cameron Diaz for PLV will be available in early Spring 2014, with a campaign starting in the fall.

Source: WWD

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