Poundland Turban Proves to be Huge Hit to Combat Frizzy Hair

A turban designed to keep your hair away from your face whilst you apply your make up, or used to dry your hair instead of putting it in a towel has found another use quite by accident. Forums for frizzy hair have been endorsing the Allura Microfibre Hair Wrap, found at the bargain basement store Poundland, for – yes – you’ve guessed it – a £1, saying that it is leaving their hair super glossy and shiny. The Allura wrap is making no such claims, it is merely a convenience wrap and made from microfibre toweling. It is only mean to be used as a method of keeping your hair away from your face but satisfied customers have been raving about the condition of their hair, once they have used it. One poster commented, ‘It has made so much difference to the condition of my hair,’ whilst another asserts, ‘Leaving my hair to dry in it for a while just makes my hair so much softer.’ More insists that it leaves their hair ‘bouncy and shiny’. The reason it could be helping to control frizz and improving the condition of the hair is that is noticeably cuts down on the drying time, which saves the hair from being blasted from hot air and becoming overheated.

The product has proved to be such a hit with consumers that a quarter of a million are sold each year and Poundland’s trading director David Coxon says, “It has always been a very popular item with our customers. I don’t think they can believe it’s just £1.” In fact, now that the message boards and forums are buzzing with this news, many stores have sold out. The turban is easy to use; you simply take the white hood which has a button on one side and a corresponding loop on the tail, then tip your hair forward into the hood, twist the material up and over your head and secure the loop over the button. Posters on forums say that it is actually much easier to wear than a towel as it is lighter and does not weigh your head down or unravel as some towels do. After practising with a Poundland Allura turban for a few days, I estimate the optimum time to leave your hair in the turban to be around half an hour if you have fairly thin hair like mine which is shoulder length.

As for how the turban works, it appears that as the microfibres are much smaller than normal towelling fibres, there is more of a surface area and this enables them to soak up a larger amount of water from your hair, therefore drying your hair much more quickly and effectively. And microfibres even have a celebrity endorsement – celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward, who is the hairdresser to the Duchess of Cambridge says that a microfibre towel has advantages. “It’s more absorbent,” he says. “And, as you’re not rubbing the hair as you would with a normal towel, it’s not getting damaged so it feels softer. However, I think it’s better just to blot-dry your hair gently and then blow-dry it from wet to achieve a long-lasting style.”

For a pound you can’t really go wrong can you?

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