Potty Train Your Puppy With These Five Steps

There can be nothing more exciting than bringing home a new furry puppy complete with sweet puppy breath. That is until the first time you’re cleaning up messy puppy poo and wondering if there is an easier way to get little Fido to learn to go outside to do his or her business. The good news is there are plenty of tricks that can help make this essential training process go much smoother and be complete before your carpet is full of nasty stains.

Why Crate Training Is Essential

These days more and more people are inclined to consider a crate as unnecessary punishment for man’s best friend. If you’re one of these individuals you’ll want to listen closely. First of all, as long as your new pooch is spending untold hours in their tiny crate there’s a very probable chance they are going to love their own home. Because of the instinctual nature of dogs they enjoy having a cozy, safe place they can call their own.

There are a couple of things you will want to keep in mind to utilize this training tool to the best of your ability. First make sure your crate is neither too large nor too small. Dogs like to be clean, even as puppies. If you give yours too much room they won’t get that they shouldn’t potty in their crate. There are fabulous crates on the market now that allow you to put a panel in and adjust the size to grow with your dog. Consider one of these as a cost-effective option. Second, keep the crate clean at all times. Never put your new friend in a crate with soiled bedding and always check to make sure it’s clean. This will help encourage your pup to be a clean housekeeper.

Reward Quickly And Often

When taking your cute fur ball outside to potty decide on a word for number one and number two. Use this to encourage them to use the bathroom and certainly take them to the same spot every time. Encourage the little guy to sniff around and as soon as they start to squat tell them they are good, profusely. While praising them it is also essential that you reuse their command, as in, “Good Spot, good tinkle! Very good tinkle!” This will help them to associate the command with the action and the reward. Dogs enjoy enthusiasm so pour it on thick!

Consider A Model Canine Citizen

If you’re struggling to get your little guy to go outside and you don’t have a dog of your own, think about borrowing a friend’s housebroken companion to help your new best bud learn the ropes. This is a great way to get them headed in the right direction. Let the seasoned vet outside first and they are sure to star marking their territory and then your little guy can follow in their footsteps

Regulate Food And Water

You absolutely can’t expect a nine week old puppy to make it through the night; likewise you can’t expect a twelve week old puppy to do so if they have just filled their belly full of water and food. Make sure to feed your puppy in the late afternoon so they have time for it to go through their system and withhold water a couple of hours before bed time to help encourage potty training.

Keep To A Schedule

The closer you stick to a routine the easier time your puppy will have of knowing when and where to go potty. If you get a lunch break every day then make sure to take it at the same time so you can let your little guy out. This kind of regularity will help your puppy get a routine in the long run!

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