The portable speaker using technology invented by Uncle Sam

Damson Twist imageIt may only be the size of a jam jar, but the Damson Twist packs an audio punch way above its size.

The portable speaker uses furniture to amplify your music so is capable of packing a whole room full of sound.

Using Incisor Diffusion technology, which was first invented by scientists in the employ of the American government, it is the perfect little gizmo for anyone who wants a travel speaker.

Powered by battery, it vibrates any surface you place it on, turning whatever you put it down on, whether that’s a table, fireplace or chair, into a giant speaker.

Its makers claim you can use the Damson Twist on “almost any surface: wood, plastic, metal, glass – even a packet of crisps.”

But, if you really can’t find anything suitable to place it on, then there is a protective black sound tube included in your packaging. So, if you do happen to be somewhere with no surface on which to play audio, simply place your Damson Twist on top of the tube.

The Twist comes in four stylish colours, all in hard-wearing aluminium –  glossy black, classic grey, vibrant red or cool blue.

With up to nine hours playback, the gizmo works with pretty much everything – so long as it has a 3.5mm jack, it will work. It streams wirelessly with devices that support A2DP, including most smartphones and tablets.

Damson TwistThe only real problem with the Damson Twist is it uses technology so clever, you just want to keep testing it out – particularly if you have friends round to show off to. It means you keep moving it from object to object to hear how it performs, meaning you can forget to do what you bought it for in the first place – just sit down, relax and listen to your music.

Promising “serious bass anywhere,” Damson’s makers say: “Damson Twist is the latest in the range of beautifully engineered portable speakers that deliver sound way beyond their size. Perfect for home or travels, the Damson Twist fits into the palm of your hand. By using Incisor diffusion technology, which pushes the sound across almost any surface, it is rested upon, it can easily fill most rooms in houses and hotel rooms.”

The Twist comes after earlier success with other gizmos for Damson. The smaller Cisor speaker, which is designed to work with any gizmo which is capable of streaming Bluetooth, was launched in April 2012 at the Gadget Show Live, to such plaudits as “easily the best gadget at the show this year”.

Created by CEO and founder James Talbot with the aim of delivering high quality products to the consumer audio market, Damson’s gizmos are designed to be both simple and tactile without any compromise in sound quality.

“It’s in our DNA,” say Damson, “to want to appeal to those that have an interest in fashion, those that have a passion for music and those that appreciate design.”The speaker costs £80 from uk.damsonaudio.com

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