Popularity of dry fit hats

Dri-fit hats!

Dri-fit hats!

Some historians say that hats were the first thing ever to be worn by man. It is strongly believed that an animal skin or similar material was put over the head basically for protection against natural elements. One of the earliest evidence can be found in the tomb painting in Thebes. This painting depicts a man wearing a coolie-style hat. Over the decades the hats have improved in all aspect. Be it either for protection like in the military, or functional like worn by a construction engineer or simple for daily work – as the Dry Fit Hats.

The Dry Fit hats can easily be the perfection of design of generations of hat wearing. This is simply because of the use and simplicity in its design. A Dry Fit Hat, as the name suggests is nothing but a “Dry Fit” fabric which expels moisture from the head. The typical shape of a Dry Fit Hat is like a baseball cap, but the difference is that it is designed in such a way that it can be worn for practically any type of activity.

The key features in a Dry Fit hat are, firstly the ability to expel any sweat or moisture secreted from the body. This is possible because of the research and technology applied in the Dry Fit Hats. The high-performing, microfiber, 100% Polyester fabric absorbs the sweat away from the head of the person wear the Dry Fit hat and expels it over to the surface. On the surface, it eventually evaporates. In this way, the Dry Fit Hats keeps your head dry and comfortable in hot weathers all the time you have it on.

The other feature of the Dry Fit hat is the shape and colour of the bill – the front part of the Dry Fit Hat. The bill is usually of different colour or pattern on the top, but the under-side of the bill is mostly dark in colour. The dark colour shade in the under-bill helps reduce or minimize the glare from the sun.

Another unique feature of the Dry Fit Hat is the back strap or back closure. The back strap is designed keeping in mind ease of use, quick adjustment and tight fastening. The back strap can be adjusted with one hand only which is very convenient for anyone who might not have the liberty to adjust with both hands like motorists. Once the back strap is secure, it stays on fastened and is adjusted to the person’s head till the Dry Fit Hat is taken off. The Dry Fit Hat – on the top portion, has four mesh’s which act as a cooling or breathing mechanism. This helps in keeping the head of the person well circulated and in turn avoids sweat.

One of the most important feature of the Dry Fit Hat is easily the weight of it. It is so light weighted that once put it on your head you might even forget you have it on your head. This feature is achieved with the materials used to make the Dry Fit Hat. The body of the Dry Fit Hat is usually made of “Dri-FIT” Polyester (100%) and woven. The inner sweat band is made of “Dri-FIT” double knitted terry.

All these features, simple yet practical design, the colour variety and brands have made the Dry Fit Hats easily the most popular around the world. If you are looking for using a hat for protection against sun, or if you need to work out, if you like to run, or play any game, or even if you need it just to compliment your attire, or any activity you like to do, Dry Fit Hat is the best and reasonable choice. One of the chief manufacturers for Dry Fit Hats is Nike, you can find the best colors and impressive designs in the Nike Dry Fit Hats.

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