Pollen Neutralising Concept Curtains Could Save Those Who Suffer In The Summer

A team of in-home experts looking into how technological advances could impact home interiors of the future have devised specialist concept curtains which would effectively neutralize pollen, bringing relief to those who suffer from hay fever during the spring and summer months.

Innovative pollen neutralizing curtains could help millions of Brits get a good night’s sleep free from hay fever symptoms using technology found in current allergen treatments.

The curtains are a concept idea from home interiors specialist Hillarys www.hillarys.co.uk and could help the estimated 18 million Britons who suffer from hay fever each year, particularly following unusually high pollen counts recent weeks which have seen more suffering than usual.

To do this, the Hillarys team are looking into the possibility of using allergen treatments already available on the market to manufacture made-to-measure curtains. The curtain fabric would be coated in oxidizing compounds, which are found in commonly used anti-allergen room sprays. These compounds would trap and neutralize incoming pollen particles and alleviate hay fever symptoms, such as itchy eyes, sneezing, and a dry throat.

Hay fever symptoms are often exacerbated at night due to a number of factors, including a phenomenon known as ‘pollen shower’. This is when the temperature cools in the evening and, as it does, the pollen which rose with the hot air during the day drifts back down towards the ground and enters the home through open windows and doors.

Tara Hall, the spokesperson for www.Hillarys.co.uk, said:

“These concept curtains are a great idea and I’m sure they would be warmly welcomed by anyone who struggles with hay fever in the summer months.”

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