Polka dots are back in trend

Polka dot dress

There is one print for apparel and accessories that looks retro and modern, both at the same time. It is the polka dots that I’m talking about. Polka dot prints are circles or dots pattern which is generally seen on outfits. Polka dot patterns range from series of dots equally spaced to a random arrangement of multicolored dots. Polka dots can be of same size or different sizes depending on the pattern.

Polka dots pattern, which was a huge rage in the mid eighties, has found its way back to the runway. This pattern is a huge hit with the fashionistas for the classy look it gives. Different polka dot patterns are available in the market like Polka dot Retro Tops, Satin swing dresses, Cute polka Retro dresses. Polka dots pattern spell bold, sassy look this fall in a variety of colors. Polka dots pencil skirts or pants are back in trend to maintain the Retro hourglass silhouette.

Back in 80’s Polka dots were popular only with dresses, polka hats and “polka-jackets”. dots pattern today is not just confined to outfits. The scarves, shoes and hand bags with the polka dots print are now a rage. Many celebrities like Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, Dita Von Teese, and Christine Taylor are spotted wearing Polka dot outfits and carrying polka dots accessories.

Here is how you can style your polka dots –

  • ŸPolka dot short cotton dress for summer season looks great when paired with flat colored slippers or wedges. 
  • ŸPolka dot spring scarves add a more casual and chic look over tailored overcoats.
  • ŸFor teens, Polka dot Monochrome sequined tunics teamed with denims or jeggings with a pair of strappy heels will do the trick.
  • ŸPolka dot skirts are a huge hit with teenagers – teamed with plain blouse and high heels stilettos, you are ready for a night out on town!

It is not mandatory to compliment your polka dots outfit with a polka dots footwear or accessory. For a simpler yet casual-chic appeal, break the monotony. When you wear an outfit with polka dots print, go minimalistic with your accessories and footwear. And if you wear a plain outfit, add a light spring scarf with polka dots pattern to bring in the style quotient.

Polka dots are a must have this season. They are perhaps available in every type when it comes to outfits. For the winters, you can go in for polka dot sweaters, jackets and scarves. And the dresses with polka dots are just apt for the summers. You can even try bold polka dots pattern with handbags, shoes (stilettos, pumps and peep-toe heels), Retro shades and Scarves. Polka dots will add a classy look to your persona, just don’t go overboard. While you might want to experiment with this new-found fashion rage, it is always good not to overdo it. Like for instance, the polka dots hair bands look chic if you wear them with a plain dress and compliment this accessory with a polka dots handbag. A simple hat can be transformed to a stylish accessory if you accessorize it with a beautiful polka dots ribbon. Polka dots footwear is also good to add some element to your style statement. Polka dots print looks very classy and elegant which is the reason why the polka dots are now preferred on wedding ensembles too. Polka dot special occasion dresses like evening gowns, short cocktail dresses, prom dresses and homecoming dresses are much in demand. Go in for darker shades like Red polka dots on black or blue base as this makes one look slimmer. Add a simple white waist belt to look stylish and elegant. Go crazy with polka dots and keep experimenting with bold colors. Check www.dressempire.com for the latest in polka print dresses.

Be a Trendsetter with Polka dots as Polka dots are back in trend this season. Keep the balance right in your look and you will be a head-turner the next time you flaunt polka dots!

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