Five of the Best Pocket Radios

It may surprise you to know but not everyone has a smart phone, or indeed any type of phone that has a radio on it. Or, people may just like to have a separate radio that they can take with them, or sit on the bathroom or kitchen shelf. Old school I know but with Christmas approaching, what better gift to give people their own personal radio? As there are so many rubbish ones to choose from, we have compiled a best list of our five favourite pocket radios and information as to where you can buy them from. Check these gorgeous ones out:
John Lewis Atom - £9.95

This super sleek personal radio is perfect for slipping into your pocket or handbag. Ideal for a gift or stocking filler for Christmas. It features PLL Digital Tuning and a LCD display for accurate FM and AM reception, as well as a clock so you don’t lose track of time. Volume control is a breeze via a simple rotary control and earphones are provided. Comes with a FREE 2 year guarantee. Standard UK delivery within 5 working days costs £3. Radio takes AAA batteries. Buy from johnlewis.com
Roberts Sports 994 Radio - £35

The Sports 994 (R9994) is the world’s first 3 band stereo personal radio with loudspeaker. The built-in loudspeaker means you can listen to the LW/MW or FM radio in great sound quality. There is a handy stereo and tuning indicator and the rotary volume and tuning controls makes the radio very user-friendly. Includes earphones and a belt clip. Roberts have been making radios since 1932 when Harry Roberts founded the company. They are renowned for the quality craftsmanship and today hold three Royal Warrants. Visit robertsradio.co.uk to purchase.
Roberts Robi Radio - £39.95

The Robi DAB/FM digital radio and wired remote for iPod is designed to operate with your iPod to provide DAB and FM radio listening on the move. In addition, when you wish to listen to music stored on your iPod, it provides basic remote control facilities allowing you to control the volume and change your tracks. Robi does not need batteries as it utilizes the power from the iPod. You can easily select the stations that you like to listen to by creating a personalised list of favourite radio stations. This list is then stored in the radio so that even if is disconnected from your iPod, your favourites are retained for the next time you tune in. Buy from amazon.co.uk
SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ MP3 - £47.99

The Sansa® Fuze+ MP3 player delivers a rich portable multi-media experience with superior audio and video capabilities, stylish industrial design, a best-in-class unique graphical user interface, and flexible storage expansion, with incredible value for today’s overburdened consumer. From its sleek and thin styling to its bright, easy-to-read colour display and capacitive-touch control, the Sansa Fuze+ MP3 player delivers a great user experience and lets you do more than just play back music files. Enjoy all your music, audio-books, photos and videos with ease and then expand your library and the capacity of the device even further with the simple addition of a slot-Radio content card. To buy visit amazon.co.uk
Pure Move Radio - £100

A palm-sized compact digital and FM radio, Move gives you all the clarity and convenience of digital radio through speaker or headphones in a go-anywhere package with superb battery life. Now you can take radio with you wherever you go and listen to it however you choose. Move’s compact styling fits comfortably on the narrowest shelf, delivering surprising volume and quality for such a small radio. Pop it in your pocket and listen to the match in the park or at the ground. Use it with headphones without extending the aerial – great while travelling to work, at sports events, or anywhere where you want to listen without disturbing others. And FM reception means you can listen abroad or in areas of reduced digital coverage. Buy from pure.com/shop

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