Plus size is beautiful too

Plus size clothing for women

Plus size clothing for women

Whenever we see fashion shows, models and actors we are so much in awe with them. They are slim and trim. They maintain an hour-glass figure. And deep down everyone wants to look that way. Any type of fabric, cut, design, color or patter goes well on them. But it’s not like that; everyone has it own beauty and style. Being lean or having an hour-glass figure is not necessary. If you are a plus size, then it does not at all mean that you are not beautiful or attractive. Plus size is beautiful too. Dressing right and carrying a good attitude will make plus size as beautiful as any actress. Looking gorgeous and attractive does not necessarily mean looking slim. It’s not just about being slim; it’s all about looking best in what you have. What matter is looking good? Being thin or lean is not everything for looking gorgeous.

If you are a plus size then you should wear something that hides your problem area. Clothes that highlights your best feature makes you look beautiful. Clothes that balance out your body proportion and enhance your best feature is right for you. You should not pay too much attention toward size. Never try to fit into two sizes smaller than you, hopping you will fit into it will make you look like body of flesh. It will make you look tacky and unattractive. Size doesn’t matter, all matters is fit. Your clothes should have a good fit instead of a smaller size. A proper fit will enhance your best part and will make you look beautiful. Plus size people should also avoid hiding themselves into layer. Layers will add more volume to your body, and plus size don’t need volume. Wearing to much of loose clothes will make them look shabby. And shabby look is a total no-no for plus size. Shabby clothes will make one look bigger.

Plus size people should opt for body slimmer. Body slimmer takes down excess bulge. Wearing a cami or sweater in winter will give a smother look to your upper body as they will smooth out your bulges.

It’s a myth that black will make you look very slim. Black creates an illusion, but it does not really make you look slim. You can’t just buy a small size in black and hope to look better and slimmer. Only proper fit will make you look beautiful.

Vertical stripes tend to give you a taller look, but if you have bulge at the waist, a vertical striped hosiery t-shirt might enhance your bulge, as the fabric tends to expand.

Don’t wear large cabbage or rose prints, they will attract unnecessary attention to your problem area. Monochromatic schemes work wonders on plus size. They give a taller and slimmer look. Fabrics which are soft and smooth will work great on plus size as they fall well on the body. Avoid fitted clothes as they bring all the attention towards the bulge.

Also try to avoid stiff fabrics, as they stay stiff and make you look bigger.

Jeans or Pants that are tapering toward the end are best. They tend to create a flow that gives a slimmer look. Skirts should also be chosen keeping that in mind. Tapering skirts will definitely make you look slimmer. Avoid skirts that are fuller or wider. Instead opt for skirts that are longer and tapering then wider.

Over the last few years there is an explosion in plus size fashion industry. Market and designer have learnt that this market is huge and plus-sized women are rich and ready to pay for the best clothes. Brands like Andrew Mark, Bagatelle, Blue Essence, Calvin Klein, DKNYC, Donna Morgan etc offer beautiful range of plus sized clothes. These brands don’t just make clothes for the sake of making them, they make sure that it’s designed and crafted with great care and cut. They make plus size clothes beautiful and fashionable. These brands offer clothes for all seasons. Plus sized clothes are easily available in these brands.

Always go for the best fit and silhouette and don’t forget to emphasize your favorite feature. Being plus-size is beautiful. And if you close the right size and style for you, you will look gorgeous like no one!

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