Plus Size Fancy Dress Costumes: Some Useful Buying Tips

There was a time when getting costumes for bigger and bulkier individuals, was absolutely impossible. However, things have changed drastically during the past few years. A market for plus size costumes has opened up; many manufacturers are nowadays also making plus size outfits for fancy dress parties. If you are bigger than the standard-sized people around you and preparing for a fancy dress occasion, you should not ignore this post. Here, you will come across some useful tips that will make buying the perfect plus size fancy dress costume much easier for you.

You may be shopping for a Halloween party or for any other fancy dress party the market has plenty of options in store for you when it comes to grabbing some attractive plus-size clothing. There are many stores selling outfits that will flatter the plus-size curves you have exactly the way you want them to do. However, there are certain factors that you must keep in mind while purchasing these clothing. The most essential factor of them all is the shape of your body. The shape tends to vary significantly from one plus size individual to another. Thus, when purchasing a plus-size outfit, you must make sure that the costume picked by you is meant for your shape.

Individuals with large top halves and comparatively toned legs are referred to as apple shapes. These people often have big tummies. If you have an apple-shaped body, you should opt for outfits that will allow you to show off your beautiful legs. Apple-shaped women should wear dresses or skirts that end 1 or 2 inches above their knees; this will make them look gorgeous like never before. Try to find fancy dress outfits that feature A-line skirts; these skirts also look good on apple-shaped women. Also, make sure that the dress you are wearing has the same color on its top and bottom. This is because wearing outfits that have bottoms and tops of different colors will make you look bulkier. These women will look great even in costumes having rounded hems and long shirttails; such outfits help in camouflaging the tummy. You should however avoid wearing tops that are overly baggy. To make your waist appear smaller, you can wear belted jackets. Apples who want to wear pants should always opt for the flared pieces.

A plus size individual can also have a pear-shaped body. The pears, unlike the apples come with bigger bottoms and comparatively leaner top halves. If you have a pear-shaped body, you should pick fancy dress outfits that bring the onlookers’ eyes to your neckline and other attractive parts of your body such as face and arms. The pears should avoid wearing short and tight dresses or skirts; wearing such outfits instead of making them look slimmer will overemphasize the body parts that they are trying to hide. Fancy dress costumes that include a pair of moderately high heels look great on pear-shaped women. The high heels make their bottoms and hips appear smaller by adding a few inches to their legs.

Right now, the best places for buying plus size fancy dress outfits are the online costume stores. You will come across a number of online stores that have separate collections for the plus-sized shoppers. Before placing your order, you must be aware of your exact measurement. If you don’t know your measurement accurately, measure yourself again before ordering plus-size outfits. The majority of the plus-size individuals have a tendency of overestimating their own size. As a result, they often end up buying outfits that are too big and fit them loosely. Wearing excessively baggy outfits although can help you in hiding your bulges will make you look much bigger than your original size.

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