Plan a Relaxing Weekend for Your Partner

Whether your partner is male or female, odds are they have a busy life. Between working and raising any children you may have, life can be an exhausting business, and a day off to spend dedicated to relaxation can be a welcome diversion. Here’s how to present your partner with that much-needed relaxing weekend and make sure they have a lovely time.

First of all, many people get very hung up on the idea of making a weekend such as this one into a surprise. While this is a wonderful plan, unfortunately it is exceedingly difficult to plan for someone else’s weekend and be sure they won’t have prior engagements, without informing them or at least making them suspicious. As such, it is probably a better idea to either buy them a gift voucher for a weekend away and presenting that as the surprise. This then requires the recipient to book the weekend at a time that is convenient to them, which allows your partner to check his or her diary and ensure the booking date suits them.

It’s often taken as read that you should book a weekend away for both of you, organising care for your children and/or pets and taking off to reconnect. But don’t underestimate the power of a weekend away alone or with a friend. Make sure you tailor this part of the trip to your partner’s needs. For example, a parent may really enjoy a weekend away reconnecting with their partner. But a member of a childless couple who spend a lot of time together may relish the time away to spread his or her wings.

If you want to book pre-planned activities, they can help to personalise the trip and make your care for your partner clear. But again, make sure you’re booking the right stuff. A spa weekend may not be what your partner wants, or it could be the ultimate in relaxation experiences. Your non-golfing partner won’t enjoy a trip to a golf course, but if he or she is into the sport it could be absolutely ideal.

Finally, some small presents to help the weekend off to a good start can be a good idea. A new, stylish overnight bag or a much-coveted book can help your partner enjoy the weekend and show how much thought you put into the entire enterprise. What’s more, you can hide the voucher in the present and work the surprise angle extra-hard!

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