Pirate Pete’s Potty Book by LadyBird

Pirate Pete

You may have already heard reports that Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans has endorsed this potty training book for his two year old son Noah. The DJ sent sales of the book soaring by over 700% and it is currently out of stock on www.amazon.co.uk and many other online book stores. So what is all the fuss about? Well, the book follows Pirate Pete as he swaps his nappy for big boy pants and begins to use the potty for the first time. It features clear, practical text and engaging illustrations that help to counter many of the anxieties both children and parents may feel during potty training. Children learn to press the ‘cheer’ button which helps them acknowledge that doing a ‘wee’ or ‘poo’ in the potty is actually a good thing and nothing to be afraid of.

The book shows children what the potty is for and what is should not be used for, the trials that Pirate Pete goes through before he does a ‘tiny wee’ in the potty and addresses many of the issues children will face before they feel ready to use the potty themselves. Designed to be read to them 6 months before parents feel they are ready to be potty trained, it makes you wonder why someone has not written this book before. In fact, Chris Evans was so enamoured by the book he told his radio 2 listeners, “Pirate Pete is king of the potty. You read it to your kid six months before they are ready, every night so it’s hard-wired into them. It’s got this great little button in the corner so that you can cheer every time Pirate Pete does his business on the potty. The applause button is the stroke of genius.”

Princess Polly

Since his endorsement, Publishers of the book Penguin said hundreds of books were selling every hour, and the jump in sales was one of the biggest in children’s book history. And fear not, there is a book designed for little girls too called Princess Polly’s Potty which has exactly the same method to get children onto the potty and out of nappies. The RRP of these books are around £7.99 but you can pick one up for about £4.00 from www.ebay.co.uk and amazon when they are back in stock. A must buy for any parent who is worried about potty training.

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