Pinnacle Vodka: New ‘Whipped’ Flavors

Pinnacle Vodka: New 'Whipped' Flavors including Whipped CreamAmerica’s favorite vodka has now added a new flavor to its collection – the brand new ‘Whipped’ range go on sale this week. Customers in the States will already know that Pinnacle offer a delicious array of unusual tastes in their vodkas, which include amongst others; Blueberry, Cake, Cotton Candy, Kiwi-Strawberry, Root Beer, Tropical Punch, and Vanilla.

But now they have added a whipped selection consisting of Cherry Whipped, Orange Whipped, Chocolate Whipped and Whipped Cream and I cannot wait to try them! Pinnacle Vodka are renowned for distilling clean, smooth and extremely mixable vodkas, the recipes of which have been handed down by generations. And although it is a traditional recipe, handcrafted in small batches, Pinnacle is produced with modern equipment in the Distillerie de la Tour, ensuring the highest quality vodka.

Pinnacle Vodka: New 'Whipped' Flavors including Chocolate WhippedIt appears that Pinnacle Vodka is also attracting quite a celebrity following at it was seen on the Jay Leno Tonight Show back in July and Style Channel’s newest reality show – Big Rich Texas – featured a bottle in the first episode.

White Rock Distilleries, who market the vodka say that current research is suggesting that flavored vodkas are moving away from traditional vanilla and chocolate and consumers are turning to ever sweeter and more exotic versions. Flavored vodkas have been a growing force for years and now command some 20% of vodka sales but drinkers are becoming tired with the same old tastes and are looking to more exciting flavors to tempt them.

And Pinnacle, who are said to be one of the most innovative brands in the industry are launching a few other new flavors this year, including Marshmallow and Cookie Dough. These fun flavors have been inspirational to consumers and bartenders, leading them to make their own drink recipes using Pinnacle, so much so that the vodkas have become a top seller in liquor stores, and are often requested in bars and restaurants.

In fact, customers have been tweeting and blogging their own recipes for cocktails and cake ideas online to Facebook and to the manufacturer’s website. One fan said she’s “truly in love with Pinnacle Whipped with Orange Pineapple Juice,” a citrus delight reminiscent of Orange Sherbert.

Another fan likes Pinnacle Root Beer with whipped cream alone. The Pinnacle Vodka website itself lists an array of recipes for you to try, with every single flavor of Pinnacle you can imagine. And the innovative vodka was featured in Time Magazine recently, a truly serious endorsement if ever there was one. A 750ml bottle of flavored Pinnacle Vodka costs $12.99 and is available to buy from the following websites:




For more information on Pinnacle Vodka visit www.pinnaclevodka.com

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