Pilates And Yoga Equipment For Your Home

Yoga and Pilates have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. It seems that everywhere you go you hear about new classes, even when you are on vacation. But going to classes can get expensive, especially considering that you can get some of the same equipment and work out at home. The Bosu Sports Trainer is a piece of equipment that is gaining popularity in gyms everywhere and with good reason. It will help you improve your balance and resistance. This one however is a lot smaller than the ones you would find at the gym because it is designed for easy storage in a house or apartment. The size does not mean that it is not efficient; in fact this Bosu model is just as effective as the ones you find at the gym. The price is great and it is very sturdy.

Yoga of course is not only a great work out, but it also helps improve your flexibility. With that idea in mind Yoga Accessories has made available an Anti-Gravity Yoga Inversion Swing. This is a great piece of equipment to achieve different postures and though it is very light weight it is also very sturdy. It is the machine to get for the popular anti-gravity yoga therapy, and inversion therapy. A lot of times equipment like this can be really hard to put together, but that is not the case with this swing; it is really easy to put together and it is really safe. There are a total of 6 grip handles to help with your balance. It is also great for stress and tension relief and when you are done you can even use it as a hammock style chair. Because of its many uses and features, this item is a great buy.

The next item to discuss is the Pilates Power Gym Plus with Workout Bar. This machine is Pilates at its best. It is a combination of calming movements and power training that Pilates gives you. There is a DVD included so you can use this equipment to the max. The Pilates Power Gym Plus is compact so it can fit almost anywhere. You can keep it in a corner and barely notice it is there. Not everything is roses with this machine however; this Power Gym Plus is not as sturdy as other machines, and it can easily break if not handled with care. Stability is also a bit of an issue as it does move from side to side a little. If used correctly however this machine will help you get the best Pilates work out for both your upper and lower body.

Another piece of equipment to look at is the FitBall Exercise Ball Chair. It must be said that the first time you look at this chair you will probably have a chuckle as it does look a little funny, you may even be waiting for little green men to step out of it. As an exercise chair it is not bad though; it does take a bit to get used to it, but once you do you will enjoy its use. The recommendation is to use this chair in small increments; Start with 10 to 15 minutes and keep increasing the time until you get used to it. As for the benefits of the chair, it does help with posture and movement because of its design. Helps strengthen the body and back muscles. Will you be happy with your investment? That depends on you. If you are used to sitting on this type of equipment you will enjoy it; if you are not used to it you may find it a bit uncomfortable and odd.

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