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Recent research has suggested that certain shampoo can make us fat. Yes, that’s right, shampoo can actually affect our weight and be a cause of obesity. It sounds crazy, right? But it’s surprisingly true…

Whilst pretty much every single parent, doctor, nurse, dietician, and nutritionist in the world will say exercise and a healthy diet is the key to being healthy, it seems they are missing a trick, and a quite serious one at that. Many shampoos contain an ingredient called phthalates, which have been found to quietly contribute to weight gain. A popular shampoo ingredient in almost 70% of shampoos, researchers are now urging people to steer clear, and to use either completely fragrance-free or organic hair care products instead.

Phthalates disrupt endocrines, consequently affecting hormones and the glands that produce them. As a result, although not affecting weight gain a huge amount, the ingredients still contribute to it. Phthalates should be avoided at all costs, in order to give your body the best change of being healthy, so it’s imperative to pick your shampoo wisely.

So, it’s not just fatty foods and lack of exercise that causes people to put on a few pounds, or even become obese. Previously we would walk down the street, set eyes on a ‘larger’ person, and automatically assume that they ate too much, or were too idle in their day-to-day life. However, it seems we should instead be wondering whether they use a fatty shampoo!

To make matters worse, it’s not only weight gain that can be caused as a result of the shampoo we use, but shampoos have also been found to play a part in breast cancer and failed pregnancy as well. You may be wondering how, but it is because of the triggers found in the ingredients. Breast cancer is caused by parabens in different cosmetic products and toiletries, such as shampoo. This ingredient triggers breast cancer by messing around with hormones. Parabens have a tendency to affect the body’s endocrine system, hypothalamus, ovaries, thyroid, and virtually every system in the body to a certain degree, which echoes the importance of avoiding it.

However, it’s not only certain shampoos you need to avoid, as phthalates are also found in soaps, shower gels, creams, and cosmetics, too. It looks as though we won’t just be reading the back of food packets now, but also reading the backs of beauty products too, to avoid the chemical calories.

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