Our Pick of the Top Ten Best Beauty Products of 2016

2016 has proved to be an amazing year for beauty products. Whether it’s been a revolutionary shampoo, a facial skincare mask, or a new device that has hit the market, we have been spoiled for choice.

A few of the products have already featured on Shoppersbase before, but we thought it would be a good time to revisit some of the greatest hits of 2016 before we wind up the year for good.

Here are our best beauty products for 2016:

best beauty products

As I have terribly oily skin, I’ve always used blotting papers, but they typically come in a little booklet that quickly gets mangled up in the bottom of my bag. The pages get ripped out and they end up all over the place. So when I saw this gorgeous little plastic pouch, complete with a mirror and sticky pad, which allows you to easily pick out a new paper, I just thought ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ One of our favourite best beauty products.

From: amazon.com

best beauty products

Mascara and I have never got on. I have a zero tolerance for over-sticky products that clumps on the lashes and weighs them down. This mascara from Wander Beauty however is a revelation. It is light as a feather, but lengthens the tiniest lashes and adds volume without stickiness. And all you need are a couple of wipes. It’s changed how I feel about wearing mascara.

From: Sephora.com

My hair is typically English; dead straight and fine with not an ounce of wave in it. I have tried countless products but although I can get a curl in at the start, it falls out within about half an hour. Not this product. Just a few spritzes at the roots which I then scrunch through the rest of the hair and the wave is there, and it holds all day. Love this beauty product, wouldn’t be without it now and the smell is amazing.

From: Sephora.com

When there are literally thousands of products on the market, how do you make a stand out shampoo? Iles has the answer. No harsh chemicals but the addition of a special mushroom that lathers up like magic, silk proteins that protect the hair with a gorgeous scent that lingers all day long. You won’t find a better shampoo than this one. A good beauty product.

From: sephora.com

What we love about this brand is that they ask their followers to submit ideas for new products and the ones they like are then manufactured with the original inventor getting a share of the profits. This body milk is one of those products and not only leaves skin feeling super-soft but leaves a gorgeous sheen that stays for hours.

From: volitionbeauty.com

Many blushes add an unnatural look to cheeks, either because the colour is not right or the product doesn’t sit on the skin correctly. This one from Chantecaille has been around for a while but become popular in 2016 as it grew on social media sites. It is a creamy gel that you can layer for a really natural hint of blush.

From: Nordstrom.com

best beauty products

If you suffer from thin, fine, flat hair that never keeps a curl or any kind of shape, you need a product that adds volume but does not weigh it down. This powder uses Tropical Bamboo, which adds volume to every strand and lifts it at the same time. It just makes your natural hair look better, like you’ve had an expensive blow-dry but in a natural way. The powder does not leave any white residue either. One of our favourite best beauty products.

From: Sephora.com

These masks were discontinued a few years ago but by sheer people power they were bought back in 2016, and for good reason. Each mask contains Lancôme’s Génifique serum that literally soaks your face and moisturises it, leaving it refreshed, lifted and taut.

From: neimanmarcus.com

Having had electrical current facial treatments myself, I was fascinated to see how this pretty cumbersome appliance would transfer into a portable home device. The method was exactly the same, you apply conducting gel over the areas where you want to use the toner and then switch it on and let the electrical pulses work, tightening up the muscles under the skin. I took before and after pictures and I can honestly say that I can definitely see an improvement.

From: Sephora.com

This award-winning hair-dryer took years or research, engineering and prototypes before James Dyson settled on this version. It is extremely quiet, has three settings, lightweight and heats up in an instant. Well worth the money.

From: sephora.com

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