Pick the Right Swimsuit for Your Shape

With the summer approaching, (it is really!) ladie’s thoughts turn towards getting their bodies ready for the beach, and trying to attain that wonderful thing known as a bikini body. Trouble is, get us over a certain age and no amount of press ups will tighten up a saggy belly, firm our cellulitic thighs or reduce an ample bosom. Luckily for us however, there are swimsuit styles that can flatter every shape and size; you just need to know what to look for. Some are quite daring and risque, others are more of a cover up job, but so long as we feel comfortable whilst we are out on the beach, it does not matter one bit to us. So whether you know exactly what fit suits you or you need a little inspiration, take a look at our options for every body, and be the fabulous beach belle you were years ago!

Bigger busts

If you are one of those ladies with an ample bosom or feel you have a little bit more than you want on top, then a bikini with an underwired bra can give you the support that you need. Make sure you pick a bikini with the same size top as bottom, in other words, the same amount of material to balance your top and bottom.

Smaller chests

Underwired tops are also great for ladies who would like a little extra cleavage or want some more lift for their bosoms. So the underwire not only helps provide support, but can be used to push up the chest area, if you feel this is where you are lacking. Choose a bikini or all in one with some extra padding to go along with the underwired top.

Flabby stomach

High-waisted bottoms are invaluable if you have a rather larger tummy than the rest of you. The great way to smooth this troublesome area down is to buy a bikini with high waisted toning material in the fabric. These will tone down the stomach area but you can still flash your best bits, so if the tummy’s the problem, get the high bottoms!

Athletic figure

Try one of the newer styled wrapped waist all in one swimsuits. These are similar to wrap dresses in that they enhance the waist area by the simple act of pulling in the material around the waist. So if you have a straight up and down figure and want to create the illusion of curves, a wrapped waist swimsuit is ideal.

Flabby thighs

Short of wearing one of those awful striped swimming suits they had out in the ‘old days’, with long legging styles or a ruched skirt attached, the best and most stylish way to cover up our white flabby thighs is to simply pop a sarong around the waist or to wrap a large scarf so that it covers that area. There are treatments and exercises to help tone up flabby thighs but to be honest, who has the time when you can just wrap a scarf around them!

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