Pick the right messenger bag

Messenger bags for men

Messenger bags for men

There were times when bags were only meant for women. It was a woman’s and only woman’s accessory. But as we say everything falls in the cycle of changes. Today bags are not just for women, it is a style statement for men as well.

Men’s bags are fashionable, functional and appropriate for you to lug around on different occasions. Messenger Bags are in vogue from few years, but since the new patterns, designs and fabrics have come in, men are seen using them quite a lot lately.

Messenger bag refers to a bag that is styled after the ones bicycle messengers carry. The typical feature of a messenger bag is a shoulder strap which lets you wear the bag across your body – you know, like the true messenger style.

These bags are mostly rectangular in shape and they have enough space for almost anything you want to keep in, like magazines, large sized envelops, laptops, books etc.

I had a messenger bag for college, the best thing about it is the capacity, you can dump in almost about anything you want, and my bag had everything right from books to magazines to ipod. It was like more the pockets, the merrier.The bag usually comes with a large frontal flap as a closure. It comes with either Velcro, buckles, large fancy buttons, or any other type of fastener.

They have large broad strap. Materials used for the bag can vary. It all depends on style, pattern, season and its durability. They come in cotton, corduroy or water proof material like nylon and PVC. I have even seen some bags made up of silk or velvet too but they are again not really suitable for everyday use because I wouldn’t actually recommend anyone to sport a silk bag in monsoon.

Messenger bags are being made by everyone. Right from Gucci and Prada to Diesel and Juicy Couture – nearly everyone is designing them, all the international brands and local brands making them. The cost of these bags again varies largely. If you are brand conscious, then you might get a bag slightly over priced. However, if you do not mind the local brands then you can get one for a very decent price.

The choice of messenger bag truly depends on your personal choice. The choices are so many that at certain point of time one might get confused which bag to choose from. There are so many types of bags each looking better from other. I managed to restrict my self from buying a dozens of them. I tell you, it’s pretty hard to choose from so many!

Here are the season’s best messenger bags that every man will love to own:

American Eagle Newsboy Bag is made for a casual wear. It is something with which you can just walk in your class or in restaurant with friends, a mall or any laid-back place. You can just walk out with this in a pair of jeans and t-shirt and you look super cool. This bag is for the youth. These bags have wide adjustable straps, a flap and the best thing about it is that it is very spacious.

But what if you are not the ‘college-going’ anymore? Then here is a solution. Hugo Boss introduced the Havana Canvas Messenger Bag. It is a more business-like messenger bag. It is neatly structured and it will defiantly compliment your office wear. It is very convenient as it comes with large pouch pockets and adjustable straps. A Banana Republic’s

Messenger bag

Messenger bag

tumbled leather camera bag comes to rescue for the tourists and the photographers. These bags are great for carrying your camera or it can just be used for your travel as they are light weighted. This bag is a good option as it comes in leather and gives that vintage look too.

If you are a professional, then the briefcase bag is a must for you. Kenneth Cole introduced a Parent Flap briefcase that will complement your official suit. These bags add a refined look to the personality of a working professional. They are well structured, sleek and have polished look. This bag comes with removable side strap, so one can adjust according to the need.

Among the others we also have weekend bags, travel bags and others. Since messenger bags are in vogue, many celebrities have been seen sporting these. Messenger bags are in market everywhere, right from the branded showrooms to the local streets. If you haven’t got one, its time you get one!

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