Physical education and its importance

Knowing everything about the world and having a bookish knowledge is not enough. There are other fields in which you would have to develop as well. You need to be well developed mentally and also physically. This is when physical education comes into play. In this article we would discuss why physical education is so important in schools.

Physical education and its importance:-

Fitness: – usually kids tend to be unfit, overweight and some of them can be obese as well. If not taken care of fast this might be a problem in the future. Physical education engages the kids into sports, competitions and other physical activities which would make help them shed the extra weight and also would make them fit. Regular exercise increases the blood circulation level and also makes the kids strong. So, physical education helps in increasing the over all stamina of the children by making them immune to different diseases as well.

Fresh mind: – playing and mixing with the different kids in the schools make the children’s mind as well. They remain excited all though out the day which indirectly helps them to be attentive in the classes as well. Sports and exercise as a very positive effect on a child’s mind.

Self esteem: – engaging in different activities makes a child also physically attractive which increases the self esteem. They understand the pros and cons of winning and losing which helps them to strive for the best. If they have this kind of a positive attitude in life then they would succeed in life as well.

Hygiene: – since hygiene is also a part of physical education students are taught to be neat and clean. Being germ free helps them to prevaricate from many diseases.

Stress and its management: – physical education helps in relaxing the students. There are different stages in life when the kids face a lot problem in their lives. Stress, tension and anger are some of the emotions which are very difficult to treat. Enrolling in some games and sports and other forms physical activities can be a great stress buster. Scientists have said that engaging in any kind of physical activity helps to reduce the secretion of stress hormones in you body. It helps the kids to have sound sleep and thus helping in giving a stress free relaxed mind.

Lessons of life: – when students participate in sports and other activities he also learns how to cooperate, the sense of failure and success and other very important aspects of life. This also helps kids to evolve mentally.

Productivity: – research tells us that kids who have had a good physical background are more result oriented than those who have had a sedentary lifestyle. They are dynamic and also are very alert. For all these reasons they tend to improve a lot their lives. Physical education is thus not only important for kids but also for the development of the society.

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