Phone called Black Insane on sale for £76,500

Black Insane on sale for £76,500It looks more like a designer clutch bag than a smartphone, so it’s perhaps fitting that the diamond-studded Black Insane is due to be officially unveiled at Parish Couture Fashion Week later this month.

The phone is part of a collection of high-end smartphones called Jardin Secret, made with leather and gemstones by Swiss company Savelli.

The luxury range is made up of 11 models in total, featuring such materials as blue ostrich, black alligator and iguana leathers, as well as 18-carat gold and gemstones as decorative elements.

None of the phones could be described as pocket friendly. They start at around £5,900 and the priciest will cost a jaw-dropping £76,500. The most expensive model features a total of 75 baguette-cut diamonds.

The phones come in three separate categories – elegant, with the Python, Ostrich Blue Jeans and Black Sport phones; Precious with the Emerald Iguana, Classic Caramel, White Ice and Red Ardent models; and Wonderful with the Diamond Rain, Diamond Night, Champagne Diamonds and Black Insane phones.

Assembled in the same factory where Chanel makes its watches in Switzerland, they will be sold only in the jewellery departments of Harrods in London and Printempts, Paris.

The idea, said Savelli chief executive Alessandro Savelli, was to bring a phone to the market that was unlike any other currently available.

“From a design perspective, this was the objective,” he said, “ creating a completely disruptive design which had nothing in common with any other phone which had ever been designed before.”

The design brief was to “create a shape that was feminine, curvaceous, but at the same time extremely modern.”

The Savelli smartphones come with a curved screen made from the same sort of sapphire crystal glass which is usually used for designer watches.

And, the ringtones are out of the ordinary too. They have been created by the French DJ Stéphane Pompougnac, who has performed at fashion shows for Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent.

Savelli’s website features no hard-sell, simply beautiful images of its phones, taken from unusual angles so they could almost be items of jewellery. One description says: “The slender, curving line of Grace. A timeless concept of feminine beauty.”

And another says: “Sublime. Mesmerising materials abound. And astound.”

Savelli certainly has competition from other firms though when it comes to appealing to those with enough money to justify spending so much on a phone. Vertu recently released a £6,500 Android phone, while London Loutus produced a £200,000 iPhone case adorned with crystals.

All of those were, however, topped by upmarket designer Stuart Hughes, who made a £10million iPhone 5, believed to be the priciest smartphone every created.

It remains to be seen who will be spotted with one of Savelli’s new models. Though, we have to say, we can just imagine them in the hands of celebrities famous for their love of bling. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before the likes of Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole or Jennifer Lopez are spotted holding the Black Insane up to their ears.

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