Phillip Lim: Staging his own Cultural Revolution

The normally private New York designer, Philip Lim, was surprisingly at the forefront in a trip to the UK last week, where he was busy promoting a pop up boutique, showcasing his exquisitely tailored label – 3.1 Phillip Lim. Speaking to the press, he candidly explained a little about where he got his ideas and inspiration from and the launch of his accessories range at Selfridges, later on this month. “I’m not such a public person,” he protested, “I’m shy. I’m more about being in the atelier, and dress making. For me, that appeals – that’s my most happy.” Lim’s 3.1 label (established when he was 31), is all about modern, sporty tailoring, a kind of posh range of lounge clothes if you will. But with attention to the shape and silhouette, he has been able to subtly recreate a classic look by changing the flow of material, or how it drapes, or by adding planes of fabric at the chest.

Lim has not always enjoyed such commercial success however, as after studying and one internship, he found himself as an assistant in a design house and later on he co-founded his first company – Development. In 2006 he had renamed the company Rising Star and was short-listed for the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Fund. The bursary attached to this award runs in tandem with Vogue magazine. He unfortunately lost out to another designer – Doo Ri Chung but he has had much more success in the years following. He also has somewhat of a fanbase in China, where the label conscious consumers that are so heavily influenced by the West, seem to have taken his designs to heart. In fact, 18 months ago he staged a fashion show in Beijing for such consumers and it was a complete success. “They said they were very proud – it was heartfelt and touching,” Lim recalls.

As to the line of accessories he was here to promote, they include a range of bags which feature the ’31 Hour’ bag, the ’31 Minute’ bag and the ’31 Second’ clutch. So what is this 31 all about? Lim explains, “It’s for a global citizen. We were working in the studio with vendors from different time zones and one day I realised a day takes more than 24 hours – it’s 31 hours! Everything fits into that bag, and it allows for the extra hours.” We are featuring the 31 Hour bag here on Shoppersbase for your buying pleasure. Isn’t it beautiful?


31 Hour bag – £735.00 In nude/black

3.1 Phillip Lim’s coveted 31 Hour bag features contrasting colours on each side, offering you two looks in one. It features a foldover flap and double zip closure and is roomy enough for all your weekend essentials.

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