Peter Spanton Makes Grown Up Soft Drinks

Peter Spanton is a man of his word. When I tentatively emailed his website for product information relating to this article, I expected a reply perhaps from an admin type but no, the man himself got in touch and asked for my address so that he could send me samples of his drinks. A couple of days later they arrived so now I am sitting here, outside in the autumn sun, taste testing his new range of drinks for grown up palates. Now, as someone who does not drink alcohol, this is a subject close to my heart and the blurb on Peter’s website – www.peterspantonbeverages.com – which talked about ‘nursing an orange juice’ at the bar really resonated with me. What is there to drink if you are over a certain age and do not want to drink alcohol? Fed up with J two O’s I always end up with the obligatory orange juice, but now it seems we have a real choice. Peter has created 4 beverages, each with a unique number and have the trade mark ‘Bunnyman’ logo on them. So now to business, what are they like?

Beverage No. 7 Acai

This is a perfect alternative to wine. The full, almost medicinal smell hits you first, and if you don’t know what acai tastes or smells like well, its kind of a strong heady mix of autumn blackberries and overripe plums, almost fermenting in the glass. What I loved about this beverage was the sheer amount of fruit flavour packed into the drink, like drinking a full bodied wine but without that awful bitter after taste of tannin.

Beverage No. 3 Cardamom

This reminds me of a beautifully light perfumed tonic with a hint of cardamom to break through the bubbles. A lovely palate cleanser that is as refreshing as it is flavoursome. Perfect for summer.

Beverage No. 4 Mint & Bitters

Now I did not know this had chocolate in it until I tasted it. The mint comes through first, then you get a hit of pure dark chocolate, its as if you are drinking a clear, liquid, adult version of a mint choc chip ice-cream. Then, to remind you it is for grown-ups, the quinine rolls over your tongue and refreshes your whole mouth. I bet this would make a great sorbet.

Beverage No. 5 Lemongrass

If I said this tasted like a grown up lemonade then I would be doing it an injustice, it is so much more than that. The lemongrass is the first flavour you get then but then an array of delicate extracts tumble over your taste buds. I had this with crushed ice and tons of lemon slices and drank it all day. Gorgeous.

You can buy any of the above beverages from Selfridges or the website.

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