Peter Andre releases two new fragrances for women

I tell you what, it seems that every celebrity worth their salt is launching a new perfume, but the strange phenomena is that male stars are designing scents for women. First up we had Justin Bieber who released Girlfriend and The Key, then we reported on One Direction, with their offering of Our Moment, and now our favourite Aussie Greek is up to it.

peter andre

Peter Andre has created not one, but two perfumes for his female fans, called Forever and Forever Young, and he has even designed the scents to appeal not only to his teenage fans, but his more mature female followers. Forever Young is obviously targeted towards the younger members of his fan-base, which is described as ‘floral and fun with beautiful mix of jasmine, iris, vanilla and musk’, and housed in a bright fuchsia pink bottle complete with an embellished flower shaped stopper.

Forever Young

Forever Young

Forever is altogether a more sophisticated affair, with a stronger and more sensual fragrance, complete with notes of orange blossom, rose and honey tones, and housed in an elegant silver bottle.



Peter Andre is a huge success over in the UK and appears to be universally loved by ladies of all ages, having won the coveted Dad of the Year award twice, in 2009 and 2011, his popularity shows no sign of waning. Perhaps it is Peter’s soft and romantic side that gets us ladies all of a tizz. For example, when talking about the name of his new fragrance, Peter said: “I thought I’d call it Forever because I thought a perfume is only something you give to someone that’s usually in your life for a long time, your mum, your sister, your partner and they’re people that you want in your life forever.”


Aw! We love him for that! But how did he find the process of designing a perfume for women, did he find it challenging?: “Smelling nice is one thing but it’s got to be sexy. A woman wants to feel sexy that’s why she wears what she wears, and if she’s wearing clothes that she’s really comfortable in and she smells amazing that’s a natural high.”

So which is his favourite and does his girlfriend Emily wear it? Peter said: “Out of the two it’s Forever for me, it’s more that sophisticated, nice, evening smell, I wanna think red carpet. I love that glamorous scent. By bringing out two new perfumes it’s my way of saying thank you to both my new and old fans and I really hope they like it.”

4033_1141852Emily is pregnant with Peter’s baby, so the timing of the fragrance release is just right, as we think he will be a lot busier in the next few months.

In the meantime, Peter’s two perfumes Forever Young and Forever are available exclusively from The Perfume Shop from today and then nationwide from 22nd September 2013. And if you want to catch up with Mr Andre, he is going on tour to promote the new scents, details can be found on his website. Check ThePeterAndreChannel.com for more details.

To buy the perfumes visit The Perfume Shop, where you can buy Forever at £18.50 for 50ml and Forever Young at £24.50 for 100ml.

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