Perfect Petrolhead Presents

Everyone in this country knows at least one petrolhead. Whether it’s your mother, your husband, or your mate, you’re bound to need a petrolhead-appropriate present for someone around the holidays or for their birthday. But what kind of gift will cater to their car-obsession without being boring and impersonal?

Obviously, you could go for something relatively juvenile. Toy cars – or scale models of favourite cars – can make for a surprisingly well-received gift. Look for models that have to be built by the enthusiast him- or herself, and ensure you find the right model. If your favourite petrolhead has an affinity for Lamborghini cars, for example, it would be poor form to get them a Ferrari! For a more elaborate present, ensure you get the right paints and a variety of brushes to allow them to truly finish their model. Unless building models is already a huge hobby of theirs, you’re bound to be able to find sets suitable for the purpose in any hobby shop. And don’t forget the glue!

Clothing from a racing team can be a wonderful gift for someone who follows Formula One. No matter which team they support, coats, hats and bags are generally available to the public and can make for very popular gift ideas. Alternatively, beloved car brands tend to sell paraphernalia such as ashtrays, keyfobs, and other bits and pieces which may well be the crown on a car-lover’s collection.

Finally, a really amazing present for anyone with petrol in their veins is a car-related experience day. You can buy a super-car experience, but for those who simply love all things vehicular you could go for a tank-driving experience, a helicopter-flying day out or even an off-road Segway experience! Ensure you tailor the purchase to its recipient. You can buy experience gift vouchers from a variety of websites including intotheblue.co.uk and a wealth of others. You can even purchase them on tick from Littlewoods.com. They needn’t cost the earth, although obviously the larger outlay can ensure a more comprehensive experience.

In any case, what is clear is this: your petrolhead friend, family member or loved one could well be about to receive the ideal present. Don’t let anything put you off; keep an eye out and look for the right present, and any of these ideas could be the perfect gift for your beloved petrolhead. All you need to do is supply the wrapping paper!

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