Pepsi White Launched in Japan for the Winter

 Soft beverage giants Pepsi have announced that they will be launching the last of their seasonal line-ups for the winter, and they are calling it Pepsi White. The latest and last of Pepsi’s 2012 collection will hit shelves on December 11 and follows the highly successful Pepsi Pink, Pepsi Black and Pepsi Salty Watermelon. Japanese distributor Suntory, who manufacture Pepsi White, say that the new flavour will be offered throughout Winter and state that it promises a refreshing flavor with a hint of mandarin orange.

If our readers in the US and UK are a little surprised as to why the flavour is mandarin, this is because in Japan, mandarin oranges come into season from fall to winter and are typical of the food that is eaten at Christmas and New Years food in Japan. Apparently, many people spend their lazy winter holiday snacking on the fruit while sitting at the kotatsu (a small table with an electric or charcoal heater underneath and covered with a quilt) and watching TV.

The fresh mandarin orange flavor is not the only change to the typical dark and sugary drink, the liquid is now a white, snow-color and the Pepsi White label is adorned with one of six different adorable snowman designs. It’s like winter in a bottle! The Japanese blogsite NariNari reports that Pepsi White is supposed to celebrate “the joy of winter.” Unfortunately, the soda will only be available in Japan, and will retail for 140 yen, about $1.75 at Wednesday exchange rates.

We are wondering however why Pepsi decided to call this new drink Pepsi White, as the name itself is not even new. Back in autumn 2008, the company released a yogurt-flavored cola that went by that same name. Yes, Pepsi described it as Pepsi and yoghurt flavor!

Photo Credit: Pepsi

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