Pepperberry: Clothes designed with your Boobs in Mind!

For ladies who have a larger than average bust, the problem is not only finding the right bra to fit you but getting clothes to fit correctly across the chest. If you’ve ever had the frustration of having to buy a bigger size than you need (or maybe two or three sizes bigger!), just so that your boobs can fit into the item of clothing, then Pepperberry could be perfect for you!

They have created a brand new way of designing clothes with the emphasis on bust size so that you can choose the perfect dress size to fit your body, and combine it with the curvy size that best accommodates your boobs, so no need for excessive material anywhere else! So how does it work? Well, the clothes come in standard high street sizes, but with three different curvy options depending on how much extra room you need for your bust. Choose from Curvy, Really Curvy or Super Curvy.


And they understand how to make bigger boobs look great in clothes. Whether it’s about cutting a top to accommodate your bust before going back in to follow the line of your body, or positioning the buttons on a double breasted coat to give you a more streamlined shape.

So, as a general guide, choose – 

Curvy – if your clothes tend to pull a little across the boobs,

Really Curvy – may be good for you if you tend to go up roughly a dress size in tops and dresses to get a good fit over your boobs and

Super Curvy – if you nearly always have to consider what shapes to buy, as well as having to go up a couple of dress sizes to accommodate your boobs, then Super Curvy may be for you. And just because the clothes are not from the high street, doesn’t mean are aren’t fashionable.

Take a look at few items we’ve picked from their online catalogue and see for yourself. All items are available from Pepperberry.com but stocks may vary.

  • We love this Stretch Denim Blazer at £55.00 as it looks fab done up, open and goes with pretty much everything.Stretch Denim Blazer at £55.00
  • Finally this Vintage Floral Top £35.00 is bang on trend as it features a separate jersey cami, and the empire line draw-cord defines your waist and flatters your boobs.Vintage Floral Top £35.00
  • This Ethnic Trim Dress costs £45.00 and has chiffon sleeves and a Moroccan inspired trim which adds a glamorous touch to a classic shaped dress.

Ethnic Trim Dress costs £45.00

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