Peeling Pads are the new way to cleanse your skin

Peeling Pads are the new way to cleanse your skin

Since when was it so retro to clean your face with a face flannel? Since peeling pads came into existence, that’s when. Although we have all grown up washing our faces and cleansing them with either soap or creams, nowadays it is seen to be prudent if you exfoliate beforehand. And this is where peeling pads come into their own.

Exfoliating, let’s face it, is a pain. You get all the product over your face and fingers and then spend ages trying to wash it off.

Not anymore. Peeling pads were designed to take the hassle out of exfoliating by being quick, super-convenient and effective.

Peeling pads come with a range of different properties. There are ones that simply exfoliate dead skin cells, others that unclog blocked pores and some even promote cell renewal.

Here are our favourites:

peeling pads

These are called Magic Pads because they do exactly the same as more expensive brands but at a cheaper price. They contain those buzz word ingredients we know are good for skin, such as hyaluronic acid and are packed with vitamins to nourish. The aloe moisturises whilst the glycolic acid does the exfoliating.

From: themagicpads.com

You’ll often see these peeling pads on top ten lists because unlike other brands they are kind to the skin and do not irritate. They contain a whopping 20 percent glycolic and are infused with rose water to soothe skin. Great value brand.

From: target.com

peeling pads

Bit of a leap in cost now but these peeling pads pack a lot for the money. They contain salicylic acid which is great for zapping spots and that exfoliating glycolic acid again. Also contains vitamin K which helps with uneven skin tone, so any blemishes or old scars will be reduced using these pads.

From: macys.com

peeling pads

These peeling pads won an award in Allure’s Best of Beauty 2015 and 2016 in the Natural Wonders Category. Contains magnolia-bark extract which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, whilst the lactic acid adds super hydration. Works to re-texturize your skin.

From: everskin.com

peeling pads

These little peeling pads are thin but effective. They contain lactic acid which is good for adding moisture and glucosamine, which encourages the production of hyaluronic acid, a product that adds super plumping properties to your skin.—a substance that keeps your face hydrated with its moisturizing, plumping power. Some might like them indivdually wrapped, not me personally.

From: colbertmd.com

  • MDSun Skin Exfoliation Pads – $78

For those that prefer to exfoliate at night, these peeling pads are the bee’s knees. They contain glycolic acid which does the exfoliating, and anti-oxidants to protect your skin against the elements.

From: mdsun.com

peeling pads

These pads contain 10 percent glycolic acid for exfoliating and are packed with salicylic acid which we know helps with skin tone and old scarring. They also include lactic acids which hydrate and green tea extract to calm irritated skin.

From: dermstore.com

Containing willowbark, these peeling pads are a more natural option if you do not trust chemicals or harsh ingredients. Willowbark is likened to salicylic acid, just in a natural form as it helps to exfoliate dead cells and excess oil whilst clearing blocked pores. Also contains azelaic acid which brightens dull skin and reduces dark spots and uneven tones.

From: eminenstore.com

These peeling pads actually help to tighten up the appearance of the skin and close large pores whilst stimulating the skin’s natural radiance. Using Dr. Perricone’s DMAE formula they smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

From: amazon.com

A two-step programme here that uses various acids to exfoliate then adds anti-ageing ingredients now that the skin is cleared of dead cells.

From: sephora.com

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