Is Peach the new app about to take over social media?


Every once in a while a new app comes along and tech experts get excited. This year the app that has everyone talking is called Peach.

What is the Peach App?

Peach is a social network that lets you chat to friends using different actions.

In essence, it’s a new way to communicate, just like the way you have been on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat, but in a different format.

These include texting, sending photos or GIFs, waving, kissing and ‘caking’, which I presume means to give some cake.

It was developed by Vine founder, Dom Hofmann, and despite the fact there are thousands of apps doing exactly the same thing, Peach has caught the interest of the general public.

Perhaps it’s the combination of the users’ platform, with fun interfaces and certain distinct nods to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr that people like. Or maybe it is the simple way you can interact with others, by setting up your status of location, sharing details such as pictures or simply by waving at a friend?

Peach seems to have got the balance exactly right, by keeping it simple enough to use but by having enough interesting detail to keep us amused.  Described as a “fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself,” the main USP of Peach is the way you can keep in touch with friends.

For instance, the app has extra little touches in its text functions that make posting richer content a breeze. Instead of having to go through a variety of menus, you just type in different words.

They are called ‘Magic Words.

For instance, type in ‘draw’ and a drawing panel appears for you to draw a picture on. Type ‘gif’ lets you quickly search for animated gifs rather than access the internet. Typing ‘here’ will automatically add your location, you can rate anything from a scale from 1 to 10 by typing ‘rate’. ‘Song’ will allow you to share whatever tune you are playing. And there’s a whole lot more to get used to.

Peach has done what many apps failed to negotiate around, adding great features without clogging up the menu.

David Carroll, a professor of media design at Parsons School of Design in New York, writes that “Peach is a proprietary platform in every way, perhaps more than anything we’ve seen to date in the evolution of social media apps. It diverts our attention away from the Open Web and into a privately-owned walled-garden. It [is] fun and playful with clever magic words that induce you to share more meta data.”

Only time will tell to see whether Peach has the stones to win the battle of the apps.

For more information visit Peach.cool

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