Pay Your Restaurant Bills via Your Smartphone

The iPhone is sure to be the most popular Smartphone on Earth and, despite being quite expensive, everybody seems to be willing to make some sacrifices just to get themselves the latest model. What people love most about the iPhone is the number of applications that the Apple Store has to offer and, like the latest iPhone commercial suggests, there’s an app for nearly anything.

Pizza Express must have noticed that the Apple Store lacked an app that allowed pizza lovers to pay their bills using their Smartphones and decided to launch an iPhone application that enables their customers to book a restaurant table, store coupons and receipts, view menus and even pay for their pizza via their Smartphones. How innovative is that?

If you, like me, hate having to wave your hand and make eye contact with the waiter hoping that he will notice you when you are ready to pay, this is sure to be the right payment method for you.

In fact, not only will you be able to pay using your PayPal account or credit card, you will also get an electronic receipt as soon as the transaction is processed and the restaurant’s records will be automatically updated. Pizza Express’ app will save precious time to both customers and waiters, making everyone’s life easier.

It goes without saying that before launching their innovative in-restaurant payment system, Pizza Express had to answer a few questions, such as:

– How many people own a PayPal account in the UK?

– How many iPhones have been sold in the UK during the last few years?

Among the facts that have encouraged Pizza Express to integrate technology into their restaurants is the impact e-commerce is having on the way people shop, sell and work.

In fact, online shopping is booming in the UK, whereas high street retailers are starting to cut the size of their “physical” stores in order to move their presence online. The Pizza Express iPhone app can be downloaded from the Apple store and used in over 300 restaurants across the UK. Don’t forget to make sure you have enough funds in your PayPal account next time you fancy a pizza!

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