Panasonic Lumix DMC TS3 – the Best Underwater Digital Camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC TS3

Panasonic Lumix DMC TS3

Photographs are an individual’s priceless memories, not just bits of paper. On the other hand, digital cameras capture the information and transfer data in various digital forms. Many brands of digital cameras are available in the market such as CANON, PANASONIC, NIKON, OLYMPUS, COLEMAN, CASIO and ZING etc. to name a few. The Panasonic lumix DMC TS3 digital camera available at www.panasonic.net comes with full high-definition camera and movie recording facility. It has an inbuilt GPS function which makes it stand out from the crowd among the other manufacturers. It has specifications such as power LCD mode, auto power LCD mode and GPS with barometer, altimeter and compass! The 12.1 megapixel camera has a high-speed CCD sensor making it the most sought after product from Panasonic. It also has a 4.6x optical zooming capacity with a 6x resolution technology. It has advanced features such as super high-speed response time, quick accessibility, face recognition, face detection, intelligent scene selector etc.

In general it is a rugged compact digital camera which is very easy to use and has advanced features. It is waterproof, freeze proof, shock proof and dust proof giving it high selling value. Small in size, convenient to carry and light weighted, all these features are adding to the wide range of cameras available from Panasonic. It is almost 6.9 ounces in weight with a display size of about 2.7 inches. It is available in metallic hues like silver, red, orange, blue giving you much variety to choose from. It is specifically designed for active users who wish to capture high-quality photographs and high-definition videos. It has outdoor friendly features making it very useful especially for people who involve with a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, camping, diving, trekking, snorkeling etc.

It is for the carefree people who involve everyday shooting and take away the camera to each place. This makes it the ultimate camera for the outdoor users indeed! It also features the new Panasonic three-dimensional photo modes which produce a very realistic three-dimensional photo. It involves taking 20 consecutive photos and overlays two best ones in order to create a perfect image. These images can also be played back on other equipments such as televisions, digital photo frames and printers etc. to name a few. It also has an image up-loader for seamless and instant sharing for photos and videos through FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE respectively. This process can be simply done by connecting the digital camera to the PC with the USB cable or by inserting the memory card into the PC’s card slot and then the uploading automatically launches with easy to follow options.

The lens has a complete folded optical design. The optical zoom works even when shooting videos giving the user the flexibility for a variety of scene. This is an advantage especially when underwater as movements are restricted and the angle of view becomes important for composing shots. The shutter release time lag is very short, approximately 0.005 seconds. The high-speed and large capacity signal processing aloe continuous video recording and shooting. These numerous advanced features are adding to the increased demand of the digital camera from Panasonic. The lumix TS3 excels in shooting videos with an audio quality that is high. The built-in LED light greatly supports the shooting in dark situations and atmosphere. The LCD screen has wide-viewing angle and anti-reflection coating too. It excels in suppressing the blur when recording the videos at a wide-angle while walking or even cycling. It also produces clearer photos by precisely performing the signal processing pixel by pixel and ensuring sharp and clear images.

The GPS function that is integrated in the digital camera shows the name of the region, county, town and landmark by using the internal data and gives the users the details on where and when the photographs and videos are taken. It covers a huge range of information for global users all over. Plus the photos and videos can also be searched by location and names. It features an internal clock that automatically adjusts to the local time when the GPS is enabled. This is an extremely handy feature for the travelers. All these features make it one of the most sought after products from Panasonic indeed!                       

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