Paint Splashed Punk Melting Tights set to be fashion must have!

Paint Splashed Punk Melting Tights - Blue and Yellow

Usually anyone that happened to drip paint on themselves would be pretty upset that they had ruined a garment. Not so the new German company URB, who have designed a range of ‘Melting Tights’, all with one thing in common, they are covered in dripping paint.

Paint Splashed Punk Melting Tights - Green and Pink

The company has only been trading for four months, but already are making a name for themselves worldwide, with their wacky and quirky paint splashed Punk Melting Tights. Their main range include tights that are covered in dripping paint and the collection is said to be a huge hit with punks, goths and typically younger fashionistas who want to make a bit of a statement.

Melting Tights with Blue and green paint splash

The Melting tights look like they have paint dripping down the tops of them, but in fact the molten material is a latex concoction. Some of their more outlandish designs involve intentional laddering of the tights, and creating holes as well as dripping the latex in contrasting colours.

(1) Black on Black Melting Tights (2) Messy Black and White Melting Tights, (3) Silver Melt Limited Edition Melting Tights (4) Black Melt Melting Tights

The range are priced between $50.00 and $60.00 (approximately £34 and £37) with £5 shipping costs to the UK, and one pair, the Silver Melt Limited Edition Melting Tights are actually sold out. The tights are all hand crafted and take 5 to 7 working days to manufacture. And the website warns that although holes feature in the design of some of the tights, any holes made whilst trying on for size will not be refunded.

(1) Neon Pink Melting tights (2) Pastel Lavendel Melting Tights (3) Neon Yellow Melting tights

And some melting tights, although they are photographed with holes, do not actually come holey, so you can customise them and make them unique by making your own holes!

The range include a Multi-tone Bubblegum pair, a Glitter Melt pair, a grungy Black on Black pair, and a Pastel Lavendel pair.

They also make a leggings version of the wacky tights, and even ones for men.

Current Obsession: Melting Tights

Alongside these wacky tights, URB also design a range of quirky clothes for guys who want to stand out form the main crowd. These items include wrapped shorts, a wrapped skirt, a long man dress and a pant skirt.

Now you know what to get your fella next Christmas!

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