Paddy Doherty Crowned Celebrity Big Brother Winner 2011

Well it seems that for once the bookies were wrong and if you backed Jedward to win Celebrity Big Brother you would be crying into your shandies right now, for My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star – Paddy Doherty won the most votes and was crowned the winner in tonight’s final. And not only was he the publics choice, but nearly every housemate who was interviewed by Big Brother veteran Brian Dowling expressed their desire that they also wanted Paddy to win.

The night’s final saw Bobby Sabel coming a poor but expected 7th place, after ‘sweat-gate’ his popularity dropped despite bring forgiven on-screen by Darren Lyons. Greeted by the crowd to a mixture of cheers and booing, Bobby said he was glad to ‘be out’ but will he recover from what most people see as an assault against a fellow house mate?

Speaking of Darryn, he was voted off next with his trademark pink mohican sprayed in glitter for the special occasion. Darryn spoke of his time in the house – “I didn’t think I make the final night, absolutely overawed and happy to come out at the middle of the group. My life’s a rollercoaster and that won’t change whether in the house or outside.’

Would be loverboy Lucien Laviscount came in 5th place to mostly cheers but looked uncomfortable when his antics in the house were played back to him as his ‘best bits in the house’. He tried to excuse his behaviour saying, “I might be a bit flirty at times but was just having a good time and a laugh.”

Essex girl and TOWIE wannabe Amy Childs was 4th in the final, with her TOWIE mates in the crowd cheering her on. Brian asked her how long it had taken her to get ready for the night’s final and she replied ‘all day’ as she had to respray her fake tan and do her hair.

Surprise third place was Jedward, the bookies favourite who claimed that everyone in the house ‘was cool’ and jumped all over the stage before being interviewed by Brian. Their parents were in the crowd to probably take them home and bathe them.

Second place and most deserved was Kerry Katona, in tears most of the time and when the final name was being called out she seemed to know that Paddy had won it. Telling Brian that the house experience was like being given a second chance and that she had learnt she was ‘a strong, independent woman and I can stand on my own two feet’.

And to the winner, Paddy Doherty who proves that by being yourself and that nice guys can come first, came out to rapturous applause from the crowd and his family. Banners proclaiming ‘Woman!’ heralded the travellers win and his very own woman was there to greet him. A well deserved win!

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