Packing Your Nappy Bag: a Guide

There are so many questions a new mother has, and so many different answers. But when it comes to packing a nappy bag, most people are reasonably comfortable with the idea of simply throwing everything into a bag and setting off with the equivalent of the baby’s room on their shoulders. What do you really need, and what’s better off left at home?

An important thing to realise is, if you have a car, that you can keep a bag of emergency supplies in the boot. This would be an excellent place to keep full spare outfits and extra toys. It’s also a good place to keep some spare nappies and wipes, simply in case you ever forget the bag or for later, when your baby is a toddler and you no longer haul the entire bag along.

Nappies and wipes are, obviously, a really important consideration. Pack three nappies at least, and always have a packet of wipes handy that will clean at least two messy bums. A few nappy bags provide a nice level of courtesy if you’re in someone else’s home, too.

A muslin square is a necessity; not only will this help with a sicky baby, it can also function as an impromptu bib when tied around your baby’s neck, and wipe up any kind of spills. If you’re breastfeeding it can protect your clothes from spillage – especially when you’re new to it.

Sample sized pots of Sudocrem are often handed out to new mums and mums-to-be, and they will be good for rashes that spring up all of a sudden. It is important to remember, however, that not every rash is suited to Sudocrem and that aqueous cream and an antiseptic cream like Savlon are equally important in your arsenal. Obviously you can’t carry all of them along everywhere you go, so it may be better to ensure you have them all at home and chuck what you need into a spare corner of your nappy bag when there is a rash problem.

Teethers and teething gels are indispensable. Remember that not every teether works for every baby, so if you find one that works for your tot, buy a few to ensure you won’t find yourself without and keep one in your nappy bag. Do the same with a pacifier if your baby uses one.

Bibs and a change of clothes are a good idea, but go for a one-piece sleepsuit rather than an elaborate outfit; you’ll find it takes up far less space and makes a difference in terms of the weight of the bag.

These are all the essentials you’ll really need on a daily basis, and allow you to have a nappy bag that can be carried easily without leaving you short stuff you may need, and means you’re able to enjoy your little bundle to the full.

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