Oversized ‘Duster’ Style Coat from M&S that everyone wants!

It’s the oversized winter coat that has got Marks & Spencer fans all of a tizzy, but only in a particular colour it seems. The light pink version of the M&S Collection Duster Coat, retailing at £85, has already sold out in stores and online, with a message from the store asking potential customers to please bear with them.


M&S must be very happy with the response from their customers as it is usually designer items that sell out, or failing that, pieces that have been worn by celebrities. But this winter coat apparently ticks all the boxes, and as such, has become one of the High Street’s hottest must-haves for this season.

The Duster style coat is part of Marks & Spencers new collection, and indeed the first offering from the stores new fashion director – Belinda Earl. And the coat has garnered a legion of fans with the minimum of advertising, as the store released a few publicity pictures ahead of the coat going on general sale.

The popular coat goes on sale today and already has sold out in the light and dark pink colour options, and reports suggest that the store in Marble Arch London have already got a waiting list of over 100 people waiting for new stock to arrive.

article-2408590-1B9945A1000005DC-208_306x590However, some ladies who have managed to purchase the coat have had less glowing praise for the oversized coat.

In reviews posted up on the M&S site, directly under the webpage where you can purchase or pre-order the coat, there are 8 reviews already posted up, and not all of them are complimentary.

In a summary of the reviews from customers, the coat rated 3 out of 5 for quality and value for money, but some reports were quite scathing, with customers actually sending the coats back to the retailer.

A lot of attention focused on the quality of the m