Outside Decorations: Enjoying Tradition Safely

Decorating your home is one of the best traditions of the Christmas period, allowing you to bring the Christmas spirit into your home and fill your entire house with it. Nothing is quite as cosy as smelling a real fir-tree in the house! But outside decorations are traditional in many parts of America today. How can you make sure your outdoor decorations are perfect?

The very first thing to realise is that you need to purchase outdoor decorations. This is a no-brainer when it comes to lights and other electrics, which require some care. But did you know that outdoor baubles are also different from indoor ones?

Indoor baubles do not stand up to extreme cold very well, so be sure to buy outdoor ones appropriate for the winter weather in your area; a Wisconsin winter is not the time to check out how long it takes a bauble to shatter in the cold! This is not just an issue because you’ll wind up buying decorations time and time again; the shards can also pose a danger to local wildlife and can even end up in your own feet if tracked, unnoticed, into the house.

Keep the brightness and the sound in mind. It may be a great idea to have Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer blaring from some concealed speakers, but your neighbours will probably not appreciate it so much. Bright lights are fine, and so are spotlights to illuminate key bits that are not, in themselves, illuminated. But be careful to keep the brightness in check and, if in doubt, go check with your neighbours that your display isn’t bothering them in any way. Fixing such issues could be as simple as repositioning a lamp or turning down the music. An alternative is to keep your display low-key; many people find that this makes it easier to care for, enjoy, and obviously pay for as the electricity bill doesn’t take as much of a hit!

On another note, keep your display simple. This doesn’t mean keeping it small, if you don’t want to. It simply means not having a chaotic display that has no cohesion and is too colourful and garish to evoke a true Christmas spirit.

Why not tie it all together into a shared colour scheme? Or keep it low-key and gentle with pastel-coloured lights? Your possibilities really are endless, but approaching it with a view to producing something pretty, rather than something that is merely seasonal, will help you enjoy it more.

Outdoor Christmas decorations can also be a distraction to nearby road users. Make sure it is not too distracting and does not interfere with visibility in terms of traffic signs or lights in the area. This can cause serious issues including fatal accidents, so make sure this is a priority! And aside from that… Get ready to enjoy your Christmassy house all the more for being lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree! After all – ‘tis the season to be jolly, and that means it’s time to dress up your home and get ready for the festive season!

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