Outfitting Your Home Office for Maximum Efficiency

Many of us need a home office nowadays. Whether you intend to work from home some, or all of the time or just want a quiet place to sort out paperwork, a home office has become an increasingly popular option in recent years. But when you’re first setting it up, it can be costly and you may find yourself confused as to how to make it as efficient as possible. No worries, though; help is at hand!

One thing many people skip out on is location. It may seem logical to use a spare bedroom as your office, but a reception room may work out better, especially if you plan to work from home full-time. Being able to keep an eye out and see who comes to the door can be very useful, for example; Fed-Ex if you need to ship things for your profession, your children when they walk home from school, or the postman if you often receive packages for work or for other reasons. It may be a bit more work, but you will find it well worth the hassle if you benefit from seeing out at street level.

Blinds or curtains are important if the sun will be coming in at any time of day. You need to consider, of course, your need to see out – but try to position your desk so that the sun will never be full in your face, or use blinds or an awning to prevent this if it isn’t possible to do so simply by rearranging your desk.

A sense of space is important; clutter in your office will clutter up your mind, and people consistently find it more difficult to concentrate in a messy area. As you will need to store your office paraphernalia in your office, try to aim for tidy storage options that allow you to keep things uncluttered both inside and outside of the storage solution. Ikea’s Expedit range can allow you to keep some things in drawers whilst keeping some shelves open, which can add to that sense of space and allow you a small degree of whimsy in the form of a pretty vase, a picture of your family, or another knick-knack. Just remember to keep it reasonable; you don’t want to descend into chaos.

Your desk chair is where you want to splash out. You’ll need a chair that offers plenty of support, whilst also being comfortable enough to spend hours in. Buy a cheap desk, if you must, but your desk chair ought to cost a couple of hundred pounds at least (unless there is a sale on) and you should be sure to try it out before finalising the purchase so you can be sure it meshes with your body in particular.

Finally, a piece of art or a poster in your office can provide something to focus on when you need to stare blankly away as you think things through. Keep it to one; you don’t want things to be too busy. Choose carefully to make sure it isn’t something that will distract you, but give yourself something to brighten up your office and give you something to look at when you need to look away from your work for a while.

You can outfit the perfect office for your needs in a jiffy if you consider your own needs and make sure you cover them all carefully. Giving your office some careful thought will help you to create the best place for you to complete your work.

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