9 of the Best Outdoor Games for Children and the Whole Family

If you are not going on holiday this summer and you have children to contend with you’re going to have to try and find ways to keep them occupied. The next six or seven weeks is going to be hell or enjoyable, depending on what outdoor games you buy for your kids. Sure, you can allow them to spend all their time glued to their smartphones but it is healthier to be outdoors. With this in mind, we have found some really innovative outdoor games for kids that even the adults will like to play.

Sunnylife Malibu Giant Tower Game: £40.00

Outdoor Games for Children

This giant tower features 51 coloured blocks which are lightweight and hand-dyed. They are made from sustainable wood and designed for lots of fun.

Uber Games Ladder Golf: £50

Outdoor Games for Children

The thing about golf is you need a lot of space to be able to play it. Not so with this game. The aim is to wrap your bolas around each rung, knocking off your opponents as you play, but it is more difficult than you think.

Cottage Garden Den Kit: £40.00

Outdoor Games for Children

Encourage hours of fun with this fantastic kit that lets kids make their own den in the garden. You get a groundsheet, pegs and a wooden mallet, a floral blanket, waterproof tarpaulin, all in a handy bag.

Giant Snakes and Ladders: £39.99

Outdoor Games for Children

This traditional game is taken to a whole new dimension. It has also been given some new features for even more fun.

Tactic BeanBag Game: £35.52

Outdoor Games for Children

This is a very simple game but it will keep kids entertained for ages. You toss the beanbags onto the board to score points and the one with the highest number at the end wins.

Ridleys Rounders Set: £14.00

Outdoor Games for Children

The great thing about a rounders set is that you can pack it and take it anywhere. Play it in the garden, take it to a field or onto the beach. Great value for hours of fun.

Pro All Swing Ball: £31.99

Outdoor Games for Children

This is an all-improved swingball game with a sturdier base to prevent balance issues and more spirals to keep the game going for longer. You can play it on any surface too.

Kreative Kraft Target Ball Inflatable Game: £10.95

Outdoor Games for Children

This is an inflatable game where you score points in several different ways. This makes it more interesting to play and makes the game last longer.

Gofindit – Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt Card Game: £8.50

Outdoor Games for Children

An award-winning game that is amazing value for such a fun game that all the family can play. Play for a couple of minutes or all day. Follow the clues in a rural or urban setting and explore your environment.



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