8 of the Best Outdoor Citronella Candles to keep the Mosquitoes away

Now that summer has arrived we all want to spend more time in the garden. Whether this is entertaining our friends and family with a barbeque, or just letting the children enjoy the great outdoors. One thing that we don’t want is to be bitten by bugs, especially mosquitoes. Thankfully there is a natural ingredient that repels these party-poopers – and it comes in the form of citronella candles.

So if you’re planning something in the garden this summer and are worried about mossies, check out our recommendations for citronella candles first.

Prices Citronella Garden Candle, 435g: £4.25

Outdoor Citronella CandlesBurn time: 25 hours

You can buy these in pairs or as a single candle, the more you buy the better the price becomes. This candle comes in a pretty jar which you can reuse when it has burned out.

The White Company – Coriander & Citronella Outdoor Candle, 450g: Was £35.00 – Now £24.50

Outdoor Citronella CandlesBurn time: 49 hours

Some people don’t like the overpowering scent of citronella so this one might be a better choice. It has more of a herby smell thanks to the mint, coriander, thyme, and eucalyptus. The citronella is also blended with lemon and vetivert and comes in a lovely glazed pot. Ideal for taking as a present.

Hi-Gear Citronella Pillar Candle. 150g: £2.99

Outdoor Citronella CandlesBurn time: 30 hours

Practical, sturdy and does what it says on the label. If you need more than one citronella candle and don’t want anything fancy, this one from Hi-Gear is perfect.

Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Travel Candle, 100g: £15.00

Outdoor Citronella CandlesBurn time: 25 hours

For those who want to take their candles with them, this one is designed for travelling as it has a screw top which can be put back on. It contains light essential oils that are not overpowering and is made from all-natural soy wax.

Oliver Bonas – Citronella Pink Candle, 290g: £18

Outdoor Citronella CandlesBurn time: 75 hours

When we think of citronella candles this one from Oliver Bonas usually springs to mind. A candle in a terracotta dish. This one will stay lit for hours thanks to the design.

Shoo Fly | Citronella | Aromatherapy Candle, 200g: £18.00

Outdoor Citronella CandlesBurn time: 30 – 40 hours

If it is important for you to use high-quality ingredients that have not been tested on animals then you’ll love this one. Made from soy wax which has a cleaner burn and 100% essential oils.

La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candle, 185g: £7.99

Outdoor Citronella CandlesBurn time: 45 hours

Using pure soy wax, this citronella candle has top notes of green citrus which softens the distinctive citronella odour.

Helm London – Citronella Luxury Candle, 280g: £29

Outdoor Citronella CandlesBurn time: 70 hours

Our final candle uses lemongrass as well as citronella and is 100% vegan-friendly.


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