Original Grain Wooden Watches smash Kickstarter goal

In this age where most new products are constructed from plastic, have little history behind them and appeal to our throwaway society, it is rare to find merchandise that is the opposite of all that. One company, Original Grain (OG), who make wooden watches, have not only spent years working on their designs, but use their own personal backgrounds and life stories to create the products, giving them a unique authenticity that is uncommon these days.

Men's OG watches - $195 each

Men’s OG watches – $195 each

OG agree that wooden watches are nothing new to the marketplace, but what sets theirs apart is the quality of the material, using all natural wood and stainless steel, which all adds to give a weight and high value to the watch.

Men's OG watches - $195 each

Men’s OG watches – $195 each

What we love most however, apart from the superior quality of the watches, are the stories and inspiration behind each one. The three guys that make up OG all come from different parts of the world, with very differing landscapes, and it is these landscapes that have provided the inspiration for the design of their watches.


Jasem is from Eugene, Oregon, which is situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and as such his watch symbolizes the nature of this area.


Whilst Ryan has been living in Hong Kong for the last two years, and the stainless steel in his designs represents the cityscape of Hong Kong.


Finally A.J., who lives in sunny southern California, used this place to create a chilled and laid-back style of watch.

And even the name – Original Grain came from the guys’ desire to represent themselves as an original concept company utilizing natural elements.

OG state on their website that: “Original Grain is more than just a watch collection. We are a lifestyle brand meant to emulate that of an OG. And to us, an OG is an individual that stands out from the rest: a leader, trend setter, and a down right boss. Just like our watch designs, our intention is to create a movement. To transform the modern day meaning of “OG” from someone who only represents original style into someone with an equivalent level of class.”

Women's OG watches - $175 each

Women’s OG watches – $175 each

It seems that many of you out there agreed with their mission statement, as the fledgling company received a staggering 2,201 backers, who all pledged a whopping $390,977 of the original $10,000 goal. The project was successfully funded on March 29 2013, with 3910% of the target goal achieved. Since then, the company have wasted no time and gone into full production, as thanks to the overwhelming support from the public, OG now is fully operational with a selection of men’s and women’s watches for sale, with men’s at $195 and women’s at $175. The measurements of the men’s watches are 52mm for the case, with a 43mm face diameter, and a 24mm band.

You can see the full collection of wooden watches at Original Grain, you can also check out their Facebook page, or sign up for Twitter alerts. And if you want to read more about their incredible Kickstarter story, visit their Kickstarter page.

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