Optimising Travel Toiletries

Every time you go on a trip, you’re left wondering which toiletries are worth taking and which aren’t. You don’t want to take a huge number of things, but by the same token you don’t want to miss anything, either. So how do you decide what to take and what to leave, and what’s the best way of transporting the things you need?

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A good way of cutting down on your toiletries is by taking absolutely nothing you could replace at the other end. Toothpaste? You’ll be all right. Sunscreen? No problem. Shampoo and conditioner? Same. Things you’ll want to be sure you take along are bits and pieces like contact lens solution, medicated toiletries, and other items where you rely on the brand itself. It will make a huge difference to your packing if you don’t need to worry about items that are easy to replace.

A toiletry bag is definitely necessary. Not only will it allow you to keep your toiletries in an easy to find place, you can also count on it to contain any leakages. To further prevent toiletry explosions, you can package each bottle or jar separately in a Zip-loc container, which will take up virtually no space but help you deal with any spillages. As these can be especially common during air travel when your toiletries travel in an unpressurised cargo hold, it’s a good way to keep your clothes, books and other travel essentials from getting covered in your beauty products.

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Keep it down in terms of makeup. It’s tempting to throw your entire makeup kit into your bag and call it good, but you’re unlikely to use it all and you’re going to be wearing less than you usually would if you plan to spend time in a swimming pool, tanning on the beach, or taking sweat-inducing hikes. Take a minimum; mascara, some concealer and a few eyeliner pencils will do more than enough when paired with a versatile shade of lipstick.

Taking some pads or tampons can be a good idea even if you don’t plan to get your period; you can’t always be sure that your favourite brand will be available, and even if you’re not expecting to come on, you can occasionally find your cycle unsettled by the stress of travel and the different climate at your destination.

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In terms of the toiletries you will be taking, keep an eye out for travel-sized packages, or buy some empty travel-sized bottles and transfer the amount you think you’ll need (plus a little extra in case you lose some to leakage or underestimate). Don’t do this when it comes to contact solution or other eye-related items as you want to minimise the odds of bacterial transfer.

If you take a careful cutting-down approach to your travel toiletries you can make sure your needs are met but also enjoy lighter luggage and cut down on the odds of unpleasant surprises when you open your suitcase!

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