Optimise Your Living Space for Ultimate Comfort

With today’s society as work-focussed as it is, home has become the one place where you can truly relax, sit back and chill out. But does your home reflect that purpose? Read on and find out the best ways to make sure your home is optimised for comfort and relaxation.

First of all, determine which room you spend the most time in – and which room you want to spend the most time in. Do you spend all of your evenings in the living room watching TV and hankering for the comfort of bed? In that case, move your TV into the bedroom and start making changes to ensure your home meets all your needs and makes you feel as happy and as comfortable as possible. This isn’t the best idea in terms of sleep, sure – but as long as that doesn’t become an issue, it isn’t the worst idea either. And for people like my husband, who works 60-hour weeks and spends very little time at home, spending that time in a space that actually does what he needs it to and allows him to unwind from his long hard working day is exceedingly important indeed. If, instead, you want to make changes to your living room or even convert a spare room into a snug, go for it! Just focus on the room you spend all that time in and start making it into the perfect space for you to chill out in.

Seating options are important. Could beanbags or Budda Bags be the answer? The latter are a good option even for people with bad backs and other troublesome issues that prevent them from truly enjoying a beanbag, as they are filled with memory foam. Footstools and ottomans can help. Don’t forget coffee tables and places to put the drinks and plates you’ll be using. Some scented candles from Yankee Candle or another high-quality brand can help you calm down and soothe your mind, untethering it from the stresses of work and letting it unwind. Don’t forget the TV and, if you want, a DVD player and/or games console.

Mood lighting can help to set a relaxing frame, so get some lamps that have a dimmer switch or a variety of settings including quite a low one. This isn’t ideal for reading – and if you plan to read you should definitely ensure there is a more well-lit option – but will help you smooth over the rough edges of the day.

When you spend only a few hours each night relaxing in your home, the best plan is to ensure your home is optimised to let you get the most out of your time. With these handy tips you too can find your home much more chilled out and you will notice a difference in your stress levels immediately!

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