Online store iKrush launch £1 dresses to celebrate their 1st birthday

We have seen this phenomena before, where stores advertise cheap clothes, often priced at £1 to attract shoppers onto their sites. But online store iKrush are so happy to have reached their 1st birthday that they have decided to give their customers a present; a choice of a dress for £1.

And whereas other stores put out cheap and tacky looking stock that has clearly been made in a sweat shop, somewhere in the far east, the dresses that iKrush are offering in their birthday giveaway were all previously priced at £19.99 or over.

iKrush launch £1 dresses

There are 10 different dresses to choose from, and customers can only have one each, this is so that everyone gets a discounted dress.

The only drawback we can see is that the postage costs £3.99, so in effect the dress is costing you £4.99, but looking at the clothes available, are you still getting a bargain?

Well, a lot of the dresses look like typical summer beach wear, or floral skater dresses, and there are a lot of patterned bodycon dresses that are not really appropriate for this season. So if you are buying for a holiday, or thinking about next year, you could be picking up a bargain.

© iKrush £1 dress

There is a lovely and quite unique and stylish cocktail party dress with a faux leather bustier and a chiffon fabric skirt that could well be worn this Christmas. But the problem with this is that most ladies like to check out the immediate trends, just before the party season, and it is possible that they won’t want to wear this dress on the day of the special event. However, as an emergency dress, we think this is a great stand-by.

£1 dress from iKrush

The iKrush one pound birthday collection dresses follow the hugely successful OMGfashion.co.uk, who offered a party dress last year for 99p, which sold out online, but provoked great controversy, especially after the horror of the Bangladesh sweat shop tragedy.

© OMGfashion - £1 dress

OMGfashion managed to sell over 300 dresses in just 15 minutes, showing that shoppers are still wanting a bargain in these times of austerity, and the site welcomed an estimated 100,000 new visitors in only one weekend.

It is thought that the company actually lost money on the 99p dresses, but what with the extra traffic and increased profile of the site, plus the extra sales from other clothes on the site, the 99p dress sales stunt was classed as a huge success.

Which is why other online stores are probably eager to try it out for themselves, and also explains why instead of merely advertising a sale on certain items, the idea now of having a select few priced at one pound or less, is far more attractive to buyers, who are increasingly looking for ways of saving money.

There are some people who still think that the whole thing is just a shoddy publicity stunt, with comments from the public advising that shoppers should head to Primark where the clothes are still inexpensive but you can actually try them on.

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