Joining an online dieting site to lose Weight

With obesity rates in the UK on the rise and the percentage of children diagnosed as chronically overweight increasing, losing weight has become something of a national concern. There are of course many ways to get the weight off, from exercising with a personal trainer, or visiting the gym to eating healthily. A more and more popular choice is joining an online dieting site and there are many to choose from.
WeightWatchers - the most well-known online dieting site over here and in the States
Possibly the first name that springs to mind, and the most well-known online dieting site over here and in the States, is WeightWatchers. Established for over 15 years, it revolutionised the way people dieted and is a leader in online dieting today. Using a ‘ProPoints’ system, the online dieting site features interactive tools to help manage your daily food choices and activities, a recipe builder for inspiration and a weight tracker to help you on your personal path to getting slimmer. There is also an APP for those with smart phones. Join for free if you sign up online and only pay around £30 a month.
dietchef.co.uk - an online site to lose weight
Always wanted your own personal chef and need to lose weight at the same time? Well I have found a couple of good online dieting sites for you. A relative newcomer to the internet is dietchef.co.uk. Fill in a simple form that asks you about your age, height, weight and how much activity you do a day and they will calculate your BMI and suggest your calorie intake.

Once you know this you can start choosing from their menu selection. Although the lunches appear to be all soups or shakes, the dinner choices are much more varied and for £5.57 a day if you take them up on their monthly option plus free delivery. This is a reasonable amount to pay for three balanced healthy meals a day.

Jenny Craig online diet siteYou’ve probably all seen Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz talking about the Jenny Craig online dieting site. More expensive than dietchef, the Jenny Craig diet offers a one to one personal consultation that has proved to help members keep more weight off than if they only buy the food. At about £9 per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack, you also have to pay for membership which currently is on offer at half price of £99. It ends this month though so be quick. I found the menu choices to be fair more interesting and appetising than dietchef so perhaps spending a little more is worth it.

Want to gain extra points while you are losing weight? Trust Tescos to get in on the act. Earn Clubcard points when youTescosDiet join TescosDiet; is there anything this supermarket do not do? With membership from as little as £1.50 a week, this online site offers your own personal diet mentor, a personalised tailor-made diet plan just for you and there are a team of nutritional experts on stand by to answer every question. You can also join their Recipe Club which provides interesting recipe ideas provided by other members on the site.

Whichever site you decide to join, remember, don’t sit at that computer for too long looking at all the food!

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